Believe it or not, Nov 8th of 2006 was the first post of the site.  What a long way it has come form there.  I’m sure I have a lot to say…but I don’t remember any of it, but whatever 1 YEAR!!!!!!!  That is awesome in its self and lets hope I keep getting better…or…whatever and all of that good stuff.  So thanks people who read and staff and so on so fourth.  I mean I have been thanking you guys and all before, but thats what you do when you hit a milestone, thank people.  *goes off to be all happy and victorious and leaves a montage playing that shows…stuff*

Persona 3 Anime

Yay persona! Even though they got out of naming the main character, since its10 years after the events of the game. Yay though, I never got around to doing my post on the game, I’ve had it about since it came out and such. So yeah, I’m happy though, I wanted for it to be an anime, it had a very cool style and such…ok I’m going off to fanboy now.

I have completed the Haruhi set (took many stores to get the last box), and I am posting that because I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve had a lot of life stuff currently, I will get back into the swing of things soon, I have drafts to finish and I’ve watched a lot of stuff. I WILL GET BACK ON THE BALL I WILL! So…I’m gonna go work on that now…

Death Note decided to air today, I know it was announced and stuff…so yeah might as well watch it.  I never saw it or read the manga, know about it yes…so there is nothing better to do at this time…

So, yeah I just realized this is about the only show I have screen shots for, because I got lazy, or smart, or something else and started useing Windows Media Player Classic instead of VLC.  Plus I need to hit all my episode ones for the new season, so this is about as good as a place to start.  So…yeah lets go!

Main Guy

Main Guy


If you know what RGB is, feel free to skip this and hit the “more” tab.  If not, I’ll give you a short description.

Red, Green, and Blue and the primary colors used for computers, TVs, etc.   Yes, as opposed to red, yellow, and blue.  The reason for this is that RYB are subtractive colors and RGB are additive colors.  If this makes sense to you, I’d really like to shake your hand (no, it doesn’t count if you already know what I’m talking about.)  Subtractive means that you’re taking something away like, for instance, the white off a white sheet of paper.  By putting colors on there, you’re taking away the background.  On computers, paint, photoshop, etc., you’re adding colors to nothing.  As I’m sure you photoshoppers know, you can use a transparent background.  So, because of this, RGB are very important, which goes without saying I suppose, since they are the primary colors.

Ok, enough technical-talk, on with the pointlessness!  Oh, for those who might not notice, there’s a Zelda reference in there :D.  A few actually…  Anyway, onward! (more…)

Anime about gambling…only the most awesome crazy ways the gamble; awesome!


Short way, I enjoyed the episode.  Though either way I was going to continue anyway, but if its good hey all the better.


Okay, I just wanted to suprise Shadro with a update! Little does he know that I am on this site everday, writing posts and then delting them! Bwahahahaha! On a more serious note, Zombie Loan the anime…


I am alive, I didn’t mean to not be updating daily again.  Things have come up, but it works out since its kinda that time where there is a break before seasons.  OK fine Halo did come into a little play, but not as much as you would think.  Lot of school stuff really, but the new theme for the site is about ready to go up I just need to do a banner.  Then just update the categories and stuff, and then spring season I will be on.  So again I’m sorry but don’t worry I will be back soon!  Oh yeah I blame staff to, they kinda disappeared too, so I may need to find more staff somehow…If anybody wants to volunteer :P

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