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G and the 1/2 Fraction Thu, 05 Jun 2008 01:38:36 +0000 en hourly 1 Immortal Regis Thu, 05 Jun 2008 01:38:36 +0000 skmajeh Another Manga for those of you who enjoy reading them, this particular one is about a young man who lives alone with his younger brother. On the same day that this story begins, he is accidentally hit by a stray attack.

He takes a mortal injury, and would have died, had the person who had hit him not given him a second chance. Obviously a being whose powers transcend normal life, this woman ‘heals’ our protagonist. A short amount of time passes and he learns that his new ‘life’ isn’t what it used to be (Yes, this happens a Lot). He eventually gets attacked by this lady’s enemy and fights her. When he learns that, in truth, he is a Zombie, he disbelieves the one who turned him and tries to live his normal life. He finds it impossible, though, due to his mere presence taking away from his brother’s health.

As such, our protagonist decides to go to a school for those like him, in which he would learn to control his powers.

A cliche story beginning, I didn’t find the thing so horrible as to not read it. I really enjoyed where the story went, and I continue to look forward to new books. Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure when this will happen, so yea… This is one of those stories I, personally, would put on my ‘High Alert Watch List’. It is worth it. A Fantasy/Magic/Adventure manga, for those of you who like this type, I would give it a 5/5. It is simply amazing.

Bamboo Blade Fri, 16 May 2008 02:30:37 +0000 skmajeh Oh. My. Gods. Such an amazing Manga, I was so happy to read it. I’ll begin by saying ‘WOOOOOOOOO!’

Yes. Wooo. It is that awesome. So, this morning, I look at some manga I never even heard of before, and I decided to pick this one up for a bit. I was almost late to work! The story is about a Kendo Sensei(Teacher) who makes a bet with is Sempai(Senior) that his team would be able to defeat the Sempai’s team. Once this happens, the Kendo Sensei starts searching for 5 girls in order to get a Kendo team going.

Kendo is, for those of you who don’t know, a form of Martial Arts that involves using a bamboo blade as the weapon. You get points for landing a hit upon the opponent. It is kind of like Fencing, except… Not? XD. Kind of hard to explain when you are uneducated, for the most part, of the sport. Anyways, the guy is offered a year of free sushi if he wins the match. Remember, this guy is a teacher, so he is pretty much poor (Some teachers *do* make a lot of money, but not all teachers make much).

The art is well-done. And by well-done, I mean it is easy on the eyes. As far as art critique goes, I will state whether or not I found the art so weird that it subtracted from the overall appeal of the Manga. In this case, I very much love the art.

So, taking this all in, I would give Bamboo Blade a 4/5. Compelling story, some humor. An all around decent read.

More WebComics… Sat, 10 May 2008 13:19:23 +0000 skmajeh So yea, my fascination for Webcomics has only increased in the time I have been gone from G and the 1/2. As such, I will probably be talking about them for quite a bit. In this particular post, I will talk about one webcomic; Looking for Group.

Looking for Group is an adventure-fighting type webcomic with quite a bit of humor in it. I first learned about this webcomic from a youtube video, which was an animation created by the writers of the comic, and is a parody of a song in The Little Mermaid. This clip can be found here (Warning, weak stomachs do *not* click. Includes gore.):

The character depicted in that video is just one of the characters that are in the group of adventurers. He is, obviously, one of the more evil ones. This character is probably my personal favorite, though the others aren’t bad either. The story is about an Elf, whose race is supposed to be extremely evil, though he is a nice guy and wants to change the image of his race, to prove that not all of the elves are evil. He joins up with a few other adventurers, under various circumstances, and they begin to get entangled in a fight to save (several) realm(s). It has a lot of humor, and it is pretty well drawn, as well as well thought out.

I would give this webcomic a 5/5, though that is only if you like the Adventure/Fighting type of genre. For those of you who aren’t particular about it, I would probably give it a 3/5; it is worth reading.

Oh, and before I forget, Looking For Group:

DNDorks Fri, 09 May 2008 04:54:14 +0000 skmajeh Tee hee. I’m back for a bit, making me a little Webcomic critique. I randomly decided to make a post for Shadro (And no, he didn’t ask). I haven’t spoken to him in about a year now. I still have his Nanoha Dvds, but I moved :P.

Anyways, this particular installment of my Manga corner will look into the humor of a DND web comic. Basically, it is about a high school boy who decides to DM (Dungeon Master is what ‘DM’ stands for, and they run a paper-and-pencil game, in most cases) a game of Dungeons and Dragons. He calls up a bunch of gamers, whom posted adds in various places, and tells them various lies to get them to play his campaign. After a short debacle, they decide to play.

The artwork is pretty good; it isn’t so horrible, like some web comics, as to chase away first-time readers. The style is a bit cartoonish, as far as the teeth are concerned (The teeth are slightly silly), but everything else seems well proportioned and well done.

As for the story and plot, well, if you are a DND player, you will find it quite funny. If you aren’t, there is still some humor that is in it that you will understand. The characters are dynamic, meaning that they evolve (No, not the way Pokemon do) as the story develops. This keeps the comic fresh and interesting.

Well, I feel as if I blabbed about this long enough, so I will just let you all read it for yourself. I give this webcomic a 4/5 for DnD/Paper-Pencil RPGers and a 3/5 for all you other people out there. It really is a funny comic.

My Number One Obsession Tue, 15 Jan 2008 04:28:58 +0000 Matetroz As I said, my posts from now on will be featuring video games.  I would have to kick myself if I didn’t do my very first post on my very favorite video game.  Not only is it my favorite video game, it’s the highest on my list of obsessions.  I know, you’re anxious to find out what I’m talking about.  I’ll remove all anxiety.  My obsession: The Legend of Zelda.

Oh yes, this one runs deep.  So deep, in fact, that right now I have a Zelda fanfiction open in another tab.  To be honest, it’s the only fanfiction I’ve ever read, so maybe I’m not as horrible as I thought.  It’s still pretty bad, though.

The Legend of Zelda: A Like to the Past was my very first video game.  That may not mean anything, but it’s still fun to say.

So…Zelda.  Yeah, Zelda.  A wonderful thing, that Zelda.  Zelda, Zelda, Zelda.  It’s an awesome name don’t you think?  I mean, honestly, how many names start with “z” and are easy to pronounce?  Don’t answer that, I would really like to believe that there aren’t that many.

Ok, enough mindlessness. 

I consider myself to be a huge Zelda fan.  Despite that, there are too many of the games I haven’t played, or even beaten.  For instance, I have not beaten either of the first two games.  I have played none of the Four Swords, nor Phantom Hourglass.  Ok, this is kinda useless information.

But, I am full of useful information.  In some games, I’m a walking startegy guide, and I am aware of theories, timelines, and other such fan-based info.

Hm…there must be something useful I can say about Zelda.  How about my reasons behind the obsession?  Actually, my reasons are the same as anyone else that is passionate about the game.  If you want my reasons, go to any Zelda site and see why.  The games have the ability to attract people, and have had such ability for many years. 

If you have never played the games, or tried one and dropped it, I suggest you reconsider.  Of course, saying that isn’t enough to persuade most people.  But, if you enjoy RPG’s or action adventures, try the very basis of them all. 

There’s a reason why so many people are obsessed with Zelda.  And it’s not the drinking water!

Welcome to the New Blue with a Great View Tue, 08 Jan 2008 03:02:38 +0000 Matetroz Welcome back!  Come in, have a seat, relax.  Have a nice hot cup of…whatever it is you like hot.  Except for blood and wine.  Sorry, the couches are new.

As the editor, I would like to give you all a most gracious welcome to the new G and ½.  Yes, we had a rather…large lack of posting for a bit, but that’s all being turned around now. 

I have a few things to announce, declare, proclaim, assert, and just generally say.

And no, you may not put your shoes on the rug.  Give it a month to get dirty first.

The very first thing I would like to say is:  Hey, I’m posting!

Yes, yes, I know, I missed me, too.

The second thing is that I will be posting more often.  But for good reason (no, it’s not to torture.)  This wonderful blog will no longer be solely Anime/Manga.  It will now include video games.  Yes!  Those wonderful devices that slaughter time, ruin relationships, and making living alone very difficult. 

…Alright, so they have their setbacks.  But that’s why they invented memory cards.


So, soon, (sometime this year) you will see me talking about video games.  From my favorite Nintendo games, to systems that died too young, to the psychological effects of certain video games. 

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact either Shadro or I and we will try not to sick our robotic monkey on you do whatever we can whenever we can.


Welcome to the NHK! Wed, 02 Jan 2008 00:23:51 +0000 Shadro I have now finished Welcome to the NHK, only about quite some bit late; but hey sometimes a view after things are said and done. Overall though I enjoyed the series quite a bit. There were some twists and turns that worked really well and such. Anyway onward to the rest of the stuff.

If I had to put Welcome to the NHK into a category it would be dark humor.  That is something that I don’t think is really seen often, but the show pulls it off and does well with it for as much as I’m concerned.  Now as I say that it also goes much further where it is not all laughs all the time.  There are times though out where there is some…as a lack of better words ’serious business’ that go into things like death per say and other things like that.

The plot of the show is simple and finds ways to expand on it.  The show itself follows Tatsuhiro Satō who is a  hikikomori; which is basically someone who lives off their parents.  Then do to this and that and the wonders of plot he meets Misaki Nakahara who is determined to cure Sato of his ways.  Now of course anime logic says that this can not happen right away so Sato tries to get out of it and to trick Misaki that he is not a hikikomori.  This is where another character is thrown into the mix, Sato’s neighbor; Kaoru Yamazaki.   Yamazaki is quite the character, he is the otaku of the series and is going to game school and is a expert of egro games.  So as one of the major plot arcs of the series is him and Sato teaming up to make the ultimate egro game!

Another thing that makes this show sine to me is the plot arcs.  There is a lot that happens during the course of the 24 episode series and each one is done quite well.  By the end of each arc there is of course some resolvement to the show itself, but there is very much a better understanding of the characters.  The development of each character is not paper thin, there I believe was some time put into this so it wasn’t the standard character mold.  Sato of course had the most, but the other characters like Misaki and Sato’s high school crush Megumi Kobayashi shine in that part as well.

Then of course what kind of person would I be if I didn’t bring up the conspiracy theories that Sato has.  This was due to the fact he was with Megumi a lot during high school as they were the only 2 members of a club.  Though out the show Sato believes he is under a conspiracy of the NHK, which is a TV station.  These segments are always quite…different.  This is where things like the TV, fridge, etc… come to life and start talking to him.  This does not happen a lot during the show, but it did find that balance and whenever a show can find that +5 in my book.

So overall I would recommend this show.  It has a lot of high points to it and doesn’t feel stale as it may or may not be.  Later on there is really nice development with the characters and each other as they all start to meet and come together.  Then there is just the humor with the pure FFXI rip off.  Then the show has a Round Table song for the OP, and that is always a plus.  Now of course this is only about the anime, but there are both manga and light novels to get.  Though I think they would be good considering how much I liked, enjoyed, and thought how good this show was.

Nothing says revival like a new theme Sat, 29 Dec 2007 17:52:13 +0000 Shadro …I really could have done better with that title; see this is what I get for getting out of the groove…and yes I just said groove.  So yes I know I got way behind on stuff and that is not awesome, really because I wasn’t sucking before, and I’m not going to sit here and use excuses, because there are not any.  The important thing is that I’m back for good now and will be doing awesome things that I do…if that makes any sense.

How this is going to work is that all the time with out posts was my ‘break’ along with this season.  I’m to far behind to even try to get on this season.  Though a post or two of shows of the current season might work their way in and such.  Though until next season I have ideas for posts.  I want to finish up Mushiuta for one, that is goal one really.  Then I’m just going to see what else I can have.  I think I’m going to go though Battle Programmer SHIRASE and who knows what else.

And this I suck at posts like this I’m going to go and get back to work and do…blogging…and…stuff.  Oh and of course let me know what you think of the new look and such and any suggestions you want to make of course.  Oh and before I forget I might as well though in my 08′ goals.  Which are as simple as getting everything back on track, which means schedule of some sort and things like that.  So yes onward…I should now do an all cap hot blooded anime thing now…yeah that would fit…um…I’m gonna cop out and use the Nadesico one: LET’S GO GEKIGENGAR 3!  Yep, not even gonna look up how to spell it right to make sure its right.

Its that day…with the food…and stuff Thu, 22 Nov 2007 22:42:10 +0000 Shadro So, yeah happy Thanksgiving for all of us who do it, if not happy…whatever today is.  I see it as day before I get FFXI Wings of the Goddess, among other things.  Though mostly I can now use this post to go “Hey, were doing stuff!” I and the editor or working very hard on many things for the site, featuring a new theme, posting schedule, and lots of other stuff.  So, look out for that stuff…it is coming…SOON…ish!  Oh and there will be a FFXI/WoW post sometime soon, be ready!

Shadro goes off to do work now…and then play FFXI…or both at the same time 

1 Year and 5 Days Later, Matet does the Unthinkable Tue, 13 Nov 2007 19:45:02 +0000 Matetroz This is an unprecedented event.  Shadro will likely die of shock.  Because of that, don’t be surprised if this site suddenly combusts and hell gets quite a bit colder.

I suppose you’d like to know what this particular event is.  It’s quite simple really.  I’m posting without being told :D.

Why am I spontaneously contributed in ways that I normally don’t unless forced?  I was inspired to work on my story and wanted to get a warm up  in.

Welcome to Matetroz’s warm up!

Here ends Matetroz’s warm up!

Hope you enjoyed yourself :).