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Yeah, things just kinda didn’t work out today. Stuff will come up soon, right now I’m working on a banner and some more posts and stuff…ok that and I’ve been playing WoW, there I admitted it. But still no worries new things will be up tomorrow. Though if you haven’t go check out the podcast, comments are always nice for them and stuff. So…yep filler.

Yeah…everybody else is doing a list of stuff, so hey why not, I can do it too. Onward.


All right, I just finished messing around with the site and want to give a quick tour of the new things around. One thing is that I added more categories, because Random Stuff was not enough for all the…well Random Stuff. So now I made a Video Game section, Life, and Site Stuff. I hope it makes things easer in the future and so on. The other thing that I did was I added the still-in-progress About Page. At this point in time, it is only my profile, but in the future it will have how the site came to be and the other peoples profiles and such. So be on the look out for that stuff.

So there you have it, here is a little update from me ^^

Shadro is back and with…a new router. Yep, my old router died on Christmas, great gift huh? So today I was able to get a new, nice, working router. Expect posts to come back again in good time. With my return I plan to get everything working well. Follow the “more” link for the list. [EDIT that are now my resolutions ^-^ (thank you other blogs)]

Hello all, this is Matet bringing you some depressing news. It is short-term news, but you need to know none-the-less.

Read on for information on the death of Shadro.

If the title didn’t explain it, I’m going to make an attempt at keeping this short. Short isn’t something I’m normally good at, but we’ll see.

Onward yes?


Hello! Let me be the first to welcome you to G and the 1/2 Fraction. This oringaly started on, but I was lucky enough to get on to animeblogger. Many thanks to Maestro. I hope you enjoy your time, and that is about it for now. More to come soon ^^

Whether You Come or Not, We’ll Keep Bloggin’ Away!

All right, here we are, the first post. I have always sucked at the first post in anything, so yeah… Anyway, this blog is going to be where I give my opinion about anime in any way, shape, or form. Right now, I’ll give you a little background about myself so you know what you could be getting yourself into.

As of this moment in time I am a senior in high school, and I would probably be categorized as your average geek. I like anime (duh, blog), video games, programming, and things like that. As for my favorite anime, well I can’t keep it to one, so deal. But they would be as followed: Nadesico, Chrono Crusade, Gundam, .hack, and Macross. As you can see, I’m a huge mech anime fan, but don’t get me wrong, that isn’t all I like. I’m open to just about any anime there is.

Soon I will start going though series and such along with some rants here or there, but right now I’m gonna go mess with settings.

So in the words of the Gekiganger theme song: LETS GO PASSION!

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