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…I really could have done better with that title; see this is what I get for getting out of the groove…and yes I just said groove.  So yes I know I got way behind on stuff and that is not awesome, really because I wasn’t sucking before, and I’m not going to sit here and use excuses, because there are not any.  The important thing is that I’m back for good now and will be doing awesome things that I do…if that makes any sense.

How this is going to work is that all the time with out posts was my ‘break’ along with this season.  I’m to far behind to even try to get on this season.  Though a post or two of shows of the current season might work their way in and such.  Though until next season I have ideas for posts.  I want to finish up Mushiuta for one, that is goal one really.  Then I’m just going to see what else I can have.  I think I’m going to go though Battle Programmer SHIRASE and who knows what else.

And this I suck at posts like this I’m going to go and get back to work and do…blogging…and…stuff.  Oh and of course let me know what you think of the new look and such and any suggestions you want to make of course.  Oh and before I forget I might as well though in my 08′ goals.  Which are as simple as getting everything back on track, which means schedule of some sort and things like that.  So yes onward…I should now do an all cap hot blooded anime thing now…yeah that would fit…um…I’m gonna cop out and use the Nadesico one: LET’S GO GEKIGENGAR 3!  Yep, not even gonna look up how to spell it right to make sure its right.

So, yeah happy Thanksgiving for all of us who do it, if not happy…whatever today is.  I see it as day before I get FFXI Wings of the Goddess, among other things.  Though mostly I can now use this post to go “Hey, were doing stuff!” I and the editor or working very hard on many things for the site, featuring a new theme, posting schedule, and lots of other stuff.  So, look out for that stuff…it is coming…SOON…ish!  Oh and there will be a FFXI/WoW post sometime soon, be ready!

Shadro goes off to do work now…and then play FFXI…or both at the same time 

Believe it or not, Nov 8th of 2006 was the first post of the site.  What a long way it has come form there.  I’m sure I have a lot to say…but I don’t remember any of it, but whatever 1 YEAR!!!!!!!  That is awesome in its self and lets hope I keep getting better…or…whatever and all of that good stuff.  So thanks people who read and staff and so on so fourth.  I mean I have been thanking you guys and all before, but thats what you do when you hit a milestone, thank people.  *goes off to be all happy and victorious and leaves a montage playing that shows…stuff*

Well finally I made it though the hell of finals, so as of tomorrow everything should be back.  I do apologize for the off topic and everything.  Series will be caught up on, Lucky Star is a good example, expect another batch post about that.  Other series I will try to get back on the ball.  I’m going to be looking for a new theme since the poll says so.  Other than that I’m kind out of stuff, I’m like half asleep right now, I couldn’t even find a witty picture…

Ugh, the problems of upgrading are always so fun.  Of course the old theme had to be…old so that couldn’t be used for the update, so I spent a good chunk of time bring everything up to date, which while I may be a programmer, this is not C++ or JAVA.   But for the most part its good…expect the banner, but that will be done once…once well the poll is answered, as I stated before I was going to change the theme after the upgrade, but hey I’ll make it the poll..and I’ll follow what it is…so FOR GREAT THEME, TAKE OFF POLL!

Yes no title could be found because this post has so much epic and awesome and excellentness..ism…thing…yeah.  No really more or less it is a few announcements and stuff that need to come out and all of that good stuff.  First off the obvious, is that the blogroll has some new blogs on there Anime Diet and That’s Not Kanon, both of which better than me so go read them, and for Anime Diet check out their podcast again which is also grater than mine.  Also again for the obvious thing…there is a rants, raves, and opinions category now.  So if you want one of the three you know where to click.  Oh but thats not all more under the tag..thing…yeah I should just call it the same thing every time..but forget that.


Wow, it seems just last week I was doing the 100 post mark.  Here it is though 200 post and though out that time the site sure has changed, links added, more series done, on the way, working on.  Then to even hit 100 comments around at the same time.  Not everyday that an achievement happens with that.  As I did in the 100th post I want to thank the other staff, they pick up when I may have other stuff to do and make post more readable.  Then heck even though 100th post the way I write has changed, the way pictures are posted and tons of stuff.  I just hope I can continue to hit milestones like this.  Now, its not like I care that much about comments, I’m not expecting them, nor am I addicted to them.  For posts though I kinda am, I’ve been working on the post a day update style and it is working well.  That is what I’m glad I have been able to keep up.  As for the future…I just want to see more people read what we have to say, though as we have been known to say.  We’ll keep blogging if your hear or not!  So with that I think its time to end this mile stone post and start working toward the next.

I have come to the conclusion, if you have commented and you left a url to your site, your in the side bar. So as I type this..or before, after whatever. I’m going though all the comments left (I think) and just adding these sites to the sidebar. I’m not gonna lie I like comments, but its not really the number that gets me, its that people read what I wrote and either corrected me, added something, or anything along those lines. That is cool, so I need to thank them for doing that.  So yeah other stuff, I’m going to get a video game blog.  Why?  Well not only I’m going to collage for that, but it has been something I have loved for just about all of my life.  It is bound to be awesome and stuff, I will put a link up for that when I get it up.  That is more of a I need to do this, it is something that maybe I should have done a long time ago, but now happens to be the time.

For me this is a really big thing. Before this blog I have tried a number of other things from forums to other stuff along with that. So having something go this long is really sweet and stuff. So really even though I’m trying to stay away from these random posts, I felt this is something that needs to be up. I feel there is a lot of improvement I could make overall. Pictures for example, I really should FTP them instead of using Photobucket, or even just though Wordpress. That is something I hope to fix, by the next post really. Then if you haven’t noticed I have changed the way I post. I have moved from the summaries to more about what I think and so on, and I really like it better. Also I think it is better than doing what everybody else does. So this is about all I have to say about that, but there is one more thing I would like to address.

This is the time I would like to thank my staff that helps out a lot. They do so much, and most of all, they put with with me. For Matetroz, the ability to go though every post and fix them, be it in grammar, spelling, and all of that. Then Skmajeh for all his posts when I either can’t or just need time off. They are about the best staff I could have with their crazy sense of humors and forming of unions.

They are this awesome

They are this awesome

All right, thanks to Lainforce over at Mystic the site now as an awesome banner. So…thats about it, it’s Rosette from Chrono Crusade.

EDIT: Hey, instead of making another post, I’ll put it here.  Poll is now up, so do stuff with that.

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