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For me this is a really big thing. Before this blog I have tried a number of other things from forums to other stuff along with that. So having something go this long is really sweet and stuff. So really even though I’m trying to stay away from these random posts, I felt this is something that needs to be up. I feel there is a lot of improvement I could make overall. Pictures for example, I really should FTP them instead of using Photobucket, or even just though Wordpress. That is something I hope to fix, by the next post really. Then if you haven’t noticed I have changed the way I post. I have moved from the summaries to more about what I think and so on, and I really like it better. Also I think it is better than doing what everybody else does. So this is about all I have to say about that, but there is one more thing I would like to address.

This is the time I would like to thank my staff that helps out a lot. They do so much, and most of all, they put with with me. For Matetroz, the ability to go though every post and fix them, be it in grammar, spelling, and all of that. Then Skmajeh for all his posts when I either can’t or just need time off. They are about the best staff I could have with their crazy sense of humors and forming of unions.

They are this awesome

They are this awesome

Hello all. This is going to be a quick little post because my brain is half fried, the fearless leader is quite busy, and well, I do have things I must attend to as well.

So, quickly now before that shocky monkey that Shadro sent after me starts to zap me…again. (more…)

Yeah, things just kinda didn’t work out today. Stuff will come up soon, right now I’m working on a banner and some more posts and stuff…ok that and I’ve been playing WoW, there I admitted it. But still no worries new things will be up tomorrow. Though if you haven’t go check out the podcast, comments are always nice for them and stuff. So…yep filler.

This will be real fast:

This is about how I am right now


This is where I want to end up

Nowhere close...

Kinda makes me wish for my laptop I didn’t get rid of windows while installing Linux…I hope I pick up to stuff soon…

Lurks off to learn more

Okay, the first thing you must realize is that I did not make this list, nor do I claim any credit for making it. It’s just that my friend found it on the internet, and I thought it was pretty funny so I figured I might as well post it. Some mature content.


Well, happy Valentines Day to people, or happy Singles Awareness Day if you’re like me. Yep…thats all I got to say on that subject, I really don’t that much care.

In other news, is it bad that watching it snow today made me think of Kanon even though I have never seen it? It just randomly came to mind, since I have nothing better to do on the bus than think. I just got it from stuff I heard or read and what not.

So really with that I’m done with this random update. Also I was gonna add pictures…but…yea…

1. I can be extremely lazy (much so when I get home from work like right now)


Hello friends, fellow anime lovers, and sympathetic editors; I come here to torture entertain you with a rant of my own. Sorry, I will not be talking about a particular anime episode, nor a series, I’m not even going to talk about a genre. No, my dear friends, this is about anime as the whole. This rant will go into depths and thought processes of why we, the people, love and enjoy anime. I will delve into your mind, extract all your thoughts, and place them onto here! Are you ready?


Everybody knows that there is always music with anime. There are the openings with a theme song, and endings with another song. However, there is more than just that, and in this post it will cover the other uses music does for an anime. So onward! -insert blog theme music-

Even Magic Girls like to Rock Out

Even Magic Girls like to Rock Out


All right, time I got around to this. The moment I saw Air Gear for the first time I just automatically saw references to Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF). JSRF, for you who don’t know, is an X-Box game that is a sequel to the Dreamcast game Jet Grind Radio. Anyway, read on to see how both are so very alike.


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