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Well, well, well.  Here I am once again.  Even though our last poll went over so well, I decided to not do another one.  Instead, I’ll just take one of the options from the poll.

Obviously the music option is out of the question.  As sad as it is, I haven’t read enough comments to make a thorough post about them (and we all know how thorough my posts are ;) ).  And if you don’t know the about the importance of patience, feel free to yell at me and I’ll do that next time :).


Alright, as requested, I finally got some votes. Thank you for voting…the few that did. By a small margin, the question of music has won.

We intend on presenting music with a golden coffin after this short eulogy.


First off, how dare you? YES YOU!!! Here I am, helping you peeps out, and what do you go ahead and do? STAB ME IN THE BACK!!!


Alright, here’s the deal: I got short notice on writing this post, so I have no ideas. Once again, I’m going to request for a post. I know that my penguin post was severely lacking, and I promise that won’t happen again.

Soon there will be a poll up (Shadro Permitting) and you can go ahead and chose your topic.

The choices will be coming from one of my previous posts.

Until then, enjoy the laziness!

Once again, I have returned to torment the senses with my random writing. If you liked the sensuality of my last post (ooh yeah), you’re going to love this one. This post, not only mentions sex, but is about sex. And this is, of course, a most special and interesting type of sex.

This is my first and only warning. Now, if you wish to have you desires indulged, click on for…PENGUIN SEX!


Now, I know it’s been a while since my last post. If that displeases you, I’m terribly sorry. If it doesn’t…then…well you might as well be happy that no one is forcing you to read this anyway. (Note: if someone is actually making you read this, there’s a very small gun placed inside a hidden compartment on the side of your monitor.) Anyway, on with the fuzzy stuff!


So today I was lucky enough to pick up the Sonic The Hedgehog box set.  This is the satAM version so does not really relate to anime.  Though it still kinda does, since there is Sonic X.  This in my opinion is better, I mean humans other than evil people are a no.  Then Shadow…just no.  I mean yeah sure it being old gives it some extra points, but it still is a sold series when cartoons could compete with anime.  Oh how times have changed.

If there’s one thing you take seriously in the post, let it be the title. If you decide to take any of the following to heart, I will personally hunt you down and force you to watch endless golf shows and infomercials.

You have been warned.


Old news, new news, or just news.  I just really found this interesting.  While so partying for my birthday, me and some friends went to see The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Collen Movie Film For Theaters.  So the previews come up and the first one is for this Paprika movie.  This is of course an anime movie and it will be a release for theaters.

For me, I think this is a huge thing for a movie like this to be coming out.  It could be that I just don’t notice these movies like Pan’s Labyrinth.  This could though maybe be the opening point for more anime movies to come. It is hard to really tell what would really happen, but the fact that its happening is a good enough for me at the moment.

Short post yes, but I thought I should touch on it and maybe I will come back to it sometime and expand on it.

We have all played them, and we all know how bad the turn out is most of the time. The hope for each one that comes out to be good always comes around. Should we really have this almost false hope?


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