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…I really could have done better with that title; see this is what I get for getting out of the groove…and yes I just said groove.  So yes I know I got way behind on stuff and that is not awesome, really because I wasn’t sucking before, and I’m not going to sit here and use excuses, because there are not any.  The important thing is that I’m back for good now and will be doing awesome things that I do…if that makes any sense.

How this is going to work is that all the time with out posts was my ‘break’ along with this season.  I’m to far behind to even try to get on this season.  Though a post or two of shows of the current season might work their way in and such.  Though until next season I have ideas for posts.  I want to finish up Mushiuta for one, that is goal one really.  Then I’m just going to see what else I can have.  I think I’m going to go though Battle Programmer SHIRASE and who knows what else.

And this I suck at posts like this I’m going to go and get back to work and do…blogging…and…stuff.  Oh and of course let me know what you think of the new look and such and any suggestions you want to make of course.  Oh and before I forget I might as well though in my 08′ goals.  Which are as simple as getting everything back on track, which means schedule of some sort and things like that.  So yes onward…I should now do an all cap hot blooded anime thing now…yeah that would fit…um…I’m gonna cop out and use the Nadesico one: LET’S GO GEKIGENGAR 3!  Yep, not even gonna look up how to spell it right to make sure its right.

 Hm…what to write about…what to write about…  Well, since I never get any kind of warning when told to write, I shall start writing about the thing I was just reading.  The thing I was just reading also happens to be one of–if not completely–my largest obsessions.  It’s something I try not to start on for fear I will never finish.

So I will start and will undoubtly end and the perfectly wrong time.  Here is The Legend of Zelda.


Yes no title could be found because this post has so much epic and awesome and excellentness..ism…thing…yeah.  No really more or less it is a few announcements and stuff that need to come out and all of that good stuff.  First off the obvious, is that the blogroll has some new blogs on there Anime Diet and That’s Not Kanon, both of which better than me so go read them, and for Anime Diet check out their podcast again which is also grater than mine.  Also again for the obvious thing…there is a rants, raves, and opinions category now.  So if you want one of the three you know where to click.  Oh but thats not all more under the tag..thing…yeah I should just call it the same thing every time..but forget that.


I’ve been playing this game for years.  Almost non-stop ever since it came out.  The copyright says 2001 so I’m going to take a guess that’s when it came out.  It ranks up somewhere in my top five games, easily.  It’s so amazing, beautiful, and has action that will keep you going for…at least six years.

What game do I speak of?  Super Smash Bros. Melee. (more…)

Great teller of time

Thank you for your dots and lines

Oh clock of the Gods

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don’t matter greatly.

True statement, eh? It can be applied to many things, thats the thing with like…views. So, it seems around lately there, along with the “do you admit fandom” stuff and all of that that is going around, but what I see is the whole talk about mature anime.

I will take a firm standing that, yes, there is mature anime. Though the problem comes into play when you try to list any. This is why I defined Eye of the Beholder. This is what really comes down to making the decision. Really anything can be a serious anime, I mean I’m sure people could tell me the depth of -insert series here-, but does that make it serious to everybody? Of course not.

Then really, content doesn’t really add to make a series mature or not. Or more or less it depends on the definition of mature. Does it count as audience targeted, content, or something else? Yet again, Eye of the Beholder. I mean I see Lain as a mature anime, while I know people will be like “wtf?!” to that.

Really, yes most anime is geared toward a young audience.  I’m not trying to say that isn’t true.  Though really people can have mature conversations about stuff that isn’t mature.  So where does that fit in the mix…I have no clue.  So,  there is my 2 cents.  The whole point was to say that mature anime is out there, and/or mature talks or whatever can come out of any anime.

Yeah…I’ve more or less been waiting for this game to come out after playing the never came out in the US classic, Super Mario Picross.  Then with the ability to make your own puzzles, it won’t be long till anime themed ones come out.  Though the game itself is more or less well known in Japan.

The game itself is simple enough there is a grid and there are numbers for each row (horizontal and vertical) those show how many squares in each row are filled in.  Fill them in and it makes a picture.  Simple and addicting, much like any other puzzle game.

If you have a DS do yourself a favor and pick it up, and make puzzles, great feature to have and online play.  So enough of me talking about it, I need to play more and watch Hot Fuzz  (may do a better post about the game later as well)

Oh you thought it was just a simple filler post, but what an aftereffect it had. After the post went up, there was quite the discussion about the very topic. So after the more tag will have the full transcript of this conversation (with little to no editing, so spelling and stuff may not be perfect). (more…)

“Difficult to tell, the future is.”  (Yoda, Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back)

It stood true in the 80’s, and it still stands true now.  What will happen in the future?  Will there still be anime 30 years from now?  Will it evolve into something else?  Is it possible for us to still be receiving genuine, beautiful moving art?  Or, will we be stuck with a generic, half baked mess?

Difficult to tell, indeed. (more…)

Something that every random writer has thought about.  Is what you’re writing too ridiculous?  Is it random to the point where no one will care?  What if it hits a sensitive topic and someone goes nuke on you?  Ok, that last one doesn’t happen very often.  I mean, seriously, who’s sensitive about penguin mating habbits?

The question remains, however.  When is random too random?


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