So yeah, if you couldn’t tell I took the weekend off.  I needed to just like break and stuff (I need active staff I swear), but anyway I wanted to get some FFXI time in (yep quit WoW to go back).  Though another thing was to catch up on stuff I don’t blog about, like Welcome to the NHK, and…other series…and stuff.  Though the point being I’m alive, if anybody what-so-ever was wondering and will be back to what I do Monday…So yep thats all I had, sorry I can’t BS this better too ^^;

So hey I finished my final, so I might as well post it, so here it is:

Its not perfect but got me 100/100 even though 2nd boss (if you get that far) dies in one hit and the game crashes in the 3rd level (again if you get that far).  It is quite the difficult STG, but enjoy.

Well finally I made it though the hell of finals, so as of tomorrow everything should be back.  I do apologize for the off topic and everything.  Series will be caught up on, Lucky Star is a good example, expect another batch post about that.  Other series I will try to get back on the ball.  I’m going to be looking for a new theme since the poll says so.  Other than that I’m kind out of stuff, I’m like half asleep right now, I couldn’t even find a witty picture…

Yes, I am still working on that game, things are not going the best for it…but its going at least.  So here is a screen shot to show it off…cus I can!

Bullet Hell Screenshot

I think it can be something good when its done, and maybe once I figure stuff out I could do an animeblogger version like people have talked about in posts.  Anyway enjoy, comment, whatever…

All right there is a whole reason for the lack of posting…and it is called school.  See now is about the time everybody is starting right?  No, don’t worry about that though that isn’t it.  What is going on is that I have finals this coming week and I have a whole lot of stuff to work on.  So in some crazy means to turn this into something about anime or something, I’ll go ahead and talk about one of my finals.

See my major is Game Simulation Programing (GSP) and for my final I have to make a game…yeah…I’m not joking…really.  Anyway this does semi-relate because my game will be a Bullet Hell game or danmaku, but blah blah blah it all turns into the Touhou games.  Yeah thats right, Touhou bullets going every which way, so on, so fourth.  So instead of me like…trying to talk about it I can just show my design document that I had to do, and that is under the tag and all of that, and I will try to get back in the grove of things soon.


I have come to the conclusion, if you have commented and you left a url to your site, your in the side bar. So as I type this..or before, after whatever. I’m going though all the comments left (I think) and just adding these sites to the sidebar. I’m not gonna lie I like comments, but its not really the number that gets me, its that people read what I wrote and either corrected me, added something, or anything along those lines. That is cool, so I need to thank them for doing that.  So yeah other stuff, I’m going to get a video game blog.  Why?  Well not only I’m going to collage for that, but it has been something I have loved for just about all of my life.  It is bound to be awesome and stuff, I will put a link up for that when I get it up.  That is more of a I need to do this, it is something that maybe I should have done a long time ago, but now happens to be the time.

Yep, so the past few days I have been used in my friends movies. One thing that is the same, is that I die in every part I play. I have no clue why though >.> Today I got shot in the back of the head and my brains go flying and stuff, it’s so awesome…ok maybe cus it is going to be in a film festival and stuff.

So yea…filler post and it’s still better than Naruto

This will be real fast:

This is about how I am right now


This is where I want to end up

Nowhere close...

Kinda makes me wish for my laptop I didn’t get rid of windows while installing Linux…I hope I pick up to stuff soon…

Lurks off to learn more

Yes, so today I was working with my friend for his movie and stuff. We did some of the outside shots and stuff, I played a rebel and got killed. Got to do some filming too. My real role in the movie is a character by the name of Rich. He is almost one of the main characters…and he dies, too. But hey, I get lines and stuff, it is cool stuff. Also got me inspired to work on my film and stuff.

OK, thats all I got. I’ll make it up; I’ll try to have 2 post tomorrow.

So, happy new year or new year’s eve depending where you’re at. I just got a chance, thanks to some friends, to head out to some nice stores to get some nice anime goods. I was taken to J-1, which is an awesome toy/model store. Then, right next to that, or across the street I suppose, was Mitsuwa, which has a whole bunch of stores like a book store. Below you will see pictures of what I got. So off you go…right now go, click.