Position: Admin and contributer

Age: 18

Goals: Make this blog successful and to become a programmer for a living, along with all the normal stuff like do well in school so on ect…
Bio: Well…other than being an anime fan, I enjoy playing video games a lot. I am a huge fan of older video games, back during the days of the SNES and such. Right now I’m headed though my last year of high school and then I will be off to college to major in computer science. Also at this moment I have a programming class that takes up a lot of my day, I am an accomplished C/C++ programmer and I am working on JAVA now. Um…what else…oh I’m very lazy most of the time, not one of my strong points. Though I do work hard when it is something important. I also am the guy who will but things to the last second to do. So…yea…that is about all I got…I may get back to update this sometime…maybe.