Oh. My. Gods. Such an amazing Manga, I was so happy to read it. I’ll begin by saying ‘WOOOOOOOOO!’

Yes. Wooo. It is that awesome. So, this morning, I look at some manga I never even heard of before, and I decided to pick this one up for a bit. I was almost late to work! The story is about a Kendo Sensei(Teacher) who makes a bet with is Sempai(Senior) that his team would be able to defeat the Sempai’s team. Once this happens, the Kendo Sensei starts searching for 5 girls in order to get a Kendo team going.

Kendo is, for those of you who don’t know, a form of Martial Arts that involves using a bamboo blade as the weapon. You get points for landing a hit upon the opponent. It is kind of like Fencing, except… Not? XD. Kind of hard to explain when you are uneducated, for the most part, of the sport. Anyways, the guy is offered a year of free sushi if he wins the match. Remember, this guy is a teacher, so he is pretty much poor (Some teachers *do* make a lot of money, but not all teachers make much).

The art is well-done. And by well-done, I mean it is easy on the eyes. As far as art critique goes, I will state whether or not I found the art so weird that it subtracted from the overall appeal of the Manga. In this case, I very much love the art.

So, taking this all in, I would give Bamboo Blade a 4/5. Compelling story, some humor. An all around decent read.