So yea, my fascination for Webcomics has only increased in the time I have been gone from G and the 1/2. As such, I will probably be talking about them for quite a bit. In this particular post, I will talk about one webcomic; Looking for Group.

Looking for Group is an adventure-fighting type webcomic with quite a bit of humor in it. I first learned about this webcomic from a youtube video, which was an animation created by the writers of the comic, and is a parody of a song in The Little Mermaid. This clip can be found here (Warning, weak stomachs do *not* click. Includes gore.):

The character depicted in that video is just one of the characters that are in the group of adventurers. He is, obviously, one of the more evil ones. This character is probably my personal favorite, though the others aren’t bad either. The story is about an Elf, whose race is supposed to be extremely evil, though he is a nice guy and wants to change the image of his race, to prove that not all of the elves are evil. He joins up with a few other adventurers, under various circumstances, and they begin to get entangled in a fight to save (several) realm(s). It has a lot of humor, and it is pretty well drawn, as well as well thought out.

I would give this webcomic a 5/5, though that is only if you like the Adventure/Fighting type of genre. For those of you who aren’t particular about it, I would probably give it a 3/5; it is worth reading.

Oh, and before I forget, Looking For Group: