Tee hee. I’m back for a bit, making me a little Webcomic critique. I randomly decided to make a post for Shadro (And no, he didn’t ask). I haven’t spoken to him in about a year now. I still have his Nanoha Dvds, but I moved :P.

Anyways, this particular installment of my Manga corner will look into the humor of a DND web comic. Basically, it is about a high school boy who decides to DM (Dungeon Master is what ‘DM’ stands for, and they run a paper-and-pencil game, in most cases) a game of Dungeons and Dragons. He calls up a bunch of gamers, whom posted adds in various places, and tells them various lies to get them to play his campaign. After a short debacle, they decide to play.

The artwork is pretty good; it isn’t so horrible, like some web comics, as to chase away first-time readers. The style is a bit cartoonish, as far as the teeth are concerned (The teeth are slightly silly), but everything else seems well proportioned and well done.

As for the story and plot, well, if you are a DND player, you will find it quite funny. If you aren’t, there is still some humor that is in it that you will understand. The characters are dynamic, meaning that they evolve (No, not the way Pokemon do) as the story develops. This keeps the comic fresh and interesting.

Well, I feel as if I blabbed about this long enough, so I will just let you all read it for yourself. I give this webcomic a 4/5 for DnD/Paper-Pencil RPGers and a 3/5 for all you other people out there. It really is a funny comic.