I have now finished Welcome to the NHK, only about quite some bit late; but hey sometimes a view after things are said and done. Overall though I enjoyed the series quite a bit. There were some twists and turns that worked really well and such. Anyway onward to the rest of the stuff.

If I had to put Welcome to the NHK into a category it would be dark humor.  That is something that I don’t think is really seen often, but the show pulls it off and does well with it for as much as I’m concerned.  Now as I say that it also goes much further where it is not all laughs all the time.  There are times though out where there is some…as a lack of better words ’serious business’ that go into things like death per say and other things like that.

The plot of the show is simple and finds ways to expand on it.  The show itself follows Tatsuhiro Satō who is a  hikikomori; which is basically someone who lives off their parents.  Then do to this and that and the wonders of plot he meets Misaki Nakahara who is determined to cure Sato of his ways.  Now of course anime logic says that this can not happen right away so Sato tries to get out of it and to trick Misaki that he is not a hikikomori.  This is where another character is thrown into the mix, Sato’s neighbor; Kaoru Yamazaki.   Yamazaki is quite the character, he is the otaku of the series and is going to game school and is a expert of egro games.  So as one of the major plot arcs of the series is him and Sato teaming up to make the ultimate egro game!

Another thing that makes this show sine to me is the plot arcs.  There is a lot that happens during the course of the 24 episode series and each one is done quite well.  By the end of each arc there is of course some resolvement to the show itself, but there is very much a better understanding of the characters.  The development of each character is not paper thin, there I believe was some time put into this so it wasn’t the standard character mold.  Sato of course had the most, but the other characters like Misaki and Sato’s high school crush Megumi Kobayashi shine in that part as well.

Then of course what kind of person would I be if I didn’t bring up the conspiracy theories that Sato has.  This was due to the fact he was with Megumi a lot during high school as they were the only 2 members of a club.  Though out the show Sato believes he is under a conspiracy of the NHK, which is a TV station.  These segments are always quite…different.  This is where things like the TV, fridge, etc… come to life and start talking to him.  This does not happen a lot during the show, but it did find that balance and whenever a show can find that +5 in my book.

So overall I would recommend this show.  It has a lot of high points to it and doesn’t feel stale as it may or may not be.  Later on there is really nice development with the characters and each other as they all start to meet and come together.  Then there is just the humor with the pure FFXI rip off.  Then the show has a Round Table song for the OP, and that is always a plus.  Now of course this is only about the anime, but there are both manga and light novels to get.  Though I think they would be good considering how much I liked, enjoyed, and thought how good this show was.