2007 November

November 2007

So, yeah happy Thanksgiving for all of us who do it, if not happy…whatever today is.  I see it as day before I get FFXI Wings of the Goddess, among other things.  Though mostly I can now use this post to go “Hey, were doing stuff!” I and the editor or working very hard on many things for the site, featuring a new theme, posting schedule, and lots of other stuff.  So, look out for that stuff…it is coming…SOON…ish!  Oh and there will be a FFXI/WoW post sometime soon, be ready!

Shadro goes off to do work now…and then play FFXI…or both at the same time 

This is an unprecedented event.  Shadro will likely die of shock.  Because of that, don’t be surprised if this site suddenly combusts and hell gets quite a bit colder.

I suppose you’d like to know what this particular event is.  It’s quite simple really.  I’m posting without being told :D.

Why am I spontaneously contributed in ways that I normally don’t unless forced?  I was inspired to work on my story and wanted to get a warm up  in.

Welcome to Matetroz’s warm up!

Here ends Matetroz’s warm up!

Hope you enjoyed yourself :).

Believe it or not, Nov 8th of 2006 was the first post of the site.  What a long way it has come form there.  I’m sure I have a lot to say…but I don’t remember any of it, but whatever 1 YEAR!!!!!!!  That is awesome in its self and lets hope I keep getting better…or…whatever and all of that good stuff.  So thanks people who read and staff and so on so fourth.  I mean I have been thanking you guys and all before, but thats what you do when you hit a milestone, thank people.  *goes off to be all happy and victorious and leaves a montage playing that shows…stuff*

Persona 3 Anime

Yay persona! Even though they got out of naming the main character, since its10 years after the events of the game. Yay though, I never got around to doing my post on the game, I’ve had it about since it came out and such. So yeah, I’m happy though, I wanted for it to be an anime, it had a very cool style and such…ok I’m going off to fanboy now.

I have completed the Haruhi set (took many stores to get the last box), and I am posting that because I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve had a lot of life stuff currently, I will get back into the swing of things soon, I have drafts to finish and I’ve watched a lot of stuff. I WILL GET BACK ON THE BALL I WILL! So…I’m gonna go work on that now…