If you know what RGB is, feel free to skip this and hit the “more” tab.  If not, I’ll give you a short description.

Red, Green, and Blue and the primary colors used for computers, TVs, etc.   Yes, as opposed to red, yellow, and blue.  The reason for this is that RYB are subtractive colors and RGB are additive colors.  If this makes sense to you, I’d really like to shake your hand (no, it doesn’t count if you already know what I’m talking about.)  Subtractive means that you’re taking something away like, for instance, the white off a white sheet of paper.  By putting colors on there, you’re taking away the background.  On computers, paint, photoshop, etc., you’re adding colors to nothing.  As I’m sure you photoshoppers know, you can use a transparent background.  So, because of this, RGB are very important, which goes without saying I suppose, since they are the primary colors.

Ok, enough technical-talk, on with the pointlessness!  Oh, for those who might not notice, there’s a Zelda reference in there :D.  A few actually…  Anyway, onward! Oh you wonderful colors, you.  When staring at a screen, you make everything wondrous.  You can turn a normal picture and make it a pleasure to just gaze at.
Red, you are the color of passion, power, and heat.  Something plain and boring will not remain so as long as you are around.  It is because of your blazing fires that anything has shape.  Without shape, there would be nothing to have beauty, grace, or wonder.
Green, you are the color of youth, health, and nature.  In a barren and dead world, you give birth to life and spread it far and wide.  You give the world a wonderful gift.  Without life, there would be nothing to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the world.
Blue, oh beautiful blue.  The spectrum, nor even the world, would be the same without your wonderful gifts of serenity, intelligence, and vast amounts of pleasure.  The wonderful color of you is so needed.  Without you, there would be no continuous improvement and no ability to appreciate beauty, grace, or wonder.
Oh sacred three, there would be endless nothing if not for your ability to amaze and spread your grace.  To you I give the Ode to RGB:
Pictures Red, Green, Blue.
With your beautiful hues.
Make the wonderful.

Please, oh incredible colors, make staring something fun to do.