Anime about gambling…only the most awesome crazy ways the gamble; awesome!

What you’re expecting more? Come on, that isn’t good enough…fine, fine. This is just one of those crazy shows that do crazy things. The whole plot is that the main guy here, Kaiji, got stuck with his friend’s dept and it’s all like 3 million yen. So he is offered a chance to fix this by going on a gambling cruise to come out with a crap load of money. Of course this is some what of an evil plot from the company people.

So the whole first episode was getting the set up to the boat, where things will last 4 hours and interest is compounded every 15 minutes where at the end 40% of the amount borrowed must be returned. Lowest amount to be taken out: 1 mil. So after all of that is said and done (and money holsters are given to people who took out a lot of money which is awesome), a package is given out. In the package cards of rock, paper, and scissors.

So yeah this is short, and I don’t have pictures because I was watching a whole lot and…forgot and stuff. So deal, but go watch the show it is very entertaining and I hope turns out to be just as awesome as it goes on.