Okay, I just wanted to suprise Shadro with a update! Little does he know that I am on this site everday, writing posts and then delting them! Bwahahahaha! On a more serious note, Zombie Loan the anime…

Now, this anime is pretty nice. It is about these three high school kids, two of which are dead. Yes, you learn this early within the series. I kinda jumped the gun on that one, so I need to say sorry *sweatdrop*

Our female team member can see something normal people can’t - Rings of Death. These rings signify that the person will soon die, or that they are a Zombie. One day, she is running down a hall when she trips over ‘Boy B’. This results in her finding out that he has a black ring on his neck. Latter on she tries to warn him that he might die, and they find out that she can see these rings of death.

Well, not only do they portend death but they are also on Zombie’s necks. This would prove a valuable commoditity to Zombie hunters, which ‘Boy B’, a nickname given to him by the press, plans to capitalize on.

Before I ruin anymore of the story, or give out too many details, I will end this preview/review. Suffice to say, Zomie Loan gets a rare 5/5. It has action and plot, comedy and seriousness. There aren’t many anime’s that have all these in one, and so I find this quite balanced. Go out and watch it, ASAP!