Well again I’m late, but whatever I’ll just say I took time to do this which I did. For this is only part of the hole, the other part being a little podcast extra episode all about School Days, which you can find here. Now though in this post will be a nice written version of the ending and my thoughts and all of that awesome fun stuff.

They sure seem to care

They sure seem to care

All right no beating around the bush, Makoto died and people are happy. It isn’t hard not to know this by now. Overall his death was done well for the most part, though I would have liked this long final words that happen in the game, but in the anime he kinda just died and didn’t get to say some smartass thing or something awesome like that. No though, he kinda just…died…and that was that. One stab by Sekai was enough, maybe that stab gave him some smarts and told him how stupid he was.



Makoto wasn’t the only person to die either. Sekai was also killed, and who else by other than Kotonoha, which her own knife. There were many knifes in this episode (yes if its not one its many). Though it didn’t happen like in the game on the bridge or anything like that. It was at the school at night time. Then instead of the neck shot it was to see if there really was a baby. This was of course after a bit of talking about how Sekai should get an abortion and even go as far as recommending doctors and stuff like that. Guess what, there wasn’t as far as the series says. So after that whole thing there is the ending with Kotonoha on a boat (YES IT WAS NICE BEFORE YOU ASK DAMN IT) with Makoto’s head. What a fitting end, it was very er…unique I suppose would be the word.

As I said I thought the ending was good enough, I did enjoy it; but there were just simple things that could have made it better. More closer would have been great, having everybody just go back to there normal lives after this didn’t make much sense to me. You think there would be something different. It was also left open in a way, there was nothing saying “END!” or along those lines. There were some great one liners given too by Kotonoha as well, very Kaede and characters like that, Rena; yeah all of that I’m sure there a lot more I could say but I don’t know them. It was very cool with the first view, though the flaws I saw were after I had time to think about it. The closer thing didn’t occur to me till after the fact.

So overall, I loved this series. It will be one I will re watch, I will buy it if it ever comes out. I would recommend it I suppose, but I’m not the best at doing that. I will also go and say it is in my top 10 or top 5 but I haven’t seen as much as a lot of other people. I really loved about everything this series had, the characters were great. I loved all of the characters or hated in the case of Makoto, I found a lot of development for how short the series was. Kotonoha was my favorite she was so kind and everything shy in the beginning, but then at the end she lost it. It was a very huge change and other characters go though that as well. Makoto being an idiot lead to a whole lot really, with him being an idiot it led to everything to happen along with what the girls do as well. Also the supporting cast did play their role too, I mean they were not there as much, but I think the did add ot the story even if just for simple stuff.

I am aware the plot was quite simple and everything, and I really have no problem with that. It is a love triangle and then it adds on a little with the supporting cast. Though the way I see it is that its not just the plot it is how the plot is played out. School Days does a great job of playing out the bad side of things. I found that fresh and interesting, I could be wrong; so I could be more toward liking the series, but this is not the only reason I enjoy the series so much. Though I thought I should point this out, I haven’t seen other people talk about that, so hey maybe I’m adding something.

Music (mostly insert) was great. The insert music was just great, though the game soundtrack did help with that. Then even how this is not a game ending was very cool to have done instead of just doing a game ending. Then pacing which I like to talk about a lot was great in my opinion. Though things went fast it didn’t feel rushed, how that can even happen I am not sure about it, but that is how I saw it in this series.

So yes, I’m sure there is so much I am forgetting…but I forgot it so…if things come up I’ll come back and revise this. I’m sure this with the podcast will be enough for now at least. Also I’m about on my 3rd time editing this to make it longer and better I hope. So if I make anymore major updates later on I will be sure to make it noticeable.

Kotonoha is a ninja!

Kontoha is a ninja!