Well episode 12 has now aired, so I figure I might as well do my post on episode 11 before 12 is subbed..yeah makes perfect sense to me. Now the events of episode 11 will be fresh in your mind to make 12 oh so much better. Because there was so much that happen, like sex; there was quite a bit of that. Oh drama drama too. Big stuff went down, so lets get to it.

So the big thing of this episode was that Sekai got pregnant and how they come to that conclusion is about the funniest thing that has happen in the series (though there wasn’t a lot of funny parts; but lets just go with it).   So then after everybody figures out that, no one wants to have sex with Makoto (I wonder why), though before that it is implied he did it with all of Otome’s groupies.

So all of that happen, which was all awesome and all that stuff, but hey that isn’t all that happen.  Makoto went though an emo thing because he couldn’t get the sex anymore, so what was one to do.  Well that of course was to talk to Kotonaha.  So now she isn’t as crazy, but she still has knifes (and god I read the ending because it was flooding places so…yeah).

Overall though again I loved this episode, there was a lot of stuff that happen and it wasn’t that stuff that doesn’t matter and stuff; it deals with the main story and builds up toward the ending everybody is waiting for.  Again I know I say it in about every School Days post, but just how it was so not this in episode 1 and now its all crazy with death and all this other stuff.  I mean sex wasn’t on the mind back in the earlier episodes and now it is playing a role.  So with one episode to go things are pointing toward an epic ending (which of course it is because I read it already >.> I know I should have waited).

PS - Pictures will be up at later, I’m at school and don’t have my screen shots I took on my laptop.