Lets just jump right into the review! Final Fantasy, Unlimited is an old FF anime that I have always wanted to watch, though for reasons other than why I normally like to watch things.

Remember Vincent from FF7? How he was one of the most, if not the most bad-ass character in the entire game? Well, one of the characters in FF Unlimited greatly resembles Vincent.

This man weilds guns, and his greatest weapon is the ‘Magun’, or Demon Gun, as the translators would call it. This person is the epitome of all greatness. He is kinda silent, like Sasuke from Naruto. He has the charisma of Vincent, getting rid of the suckiness that comes from being associated with Sasuke. And when he does his special attacks from the Magun, he reminds me of Archer from Fate Stay Night. These three combinations allow this character to be so awesome that the show is worth watching just because he is in it.

But enough about him, and more about the anime in general. Overall, the art style reminds me of the early episodes of Mai-Otome, as the art isn’t very modern. This subtracts from its general coolness, but not in a dramatic way. After all, it didn’t make Mai-Otome any less cool than what it was. The story is based on these two children who are searching for their parents, but they often get attacked by monsters. Their guide is something of a warrior, though she isn’t enough to save the children. That is where our Vincent-esqu character comes in. He hasn’t joined their group yet (Episode 2), but he often comes in to save them.

While the art isn’t modern, and the story is slow, the general concept is pretty good. I would give this anime series a recomendation for those of you who don’t mind the older animes, and have yet to watch this series. FF Unlimited gets a 3.5/5