First of all I know yeah…4 days of…no post.  I had a lot of stuff happen so I had things to attend to, and my stuff…is mostly non-existent really (now watch them all comment on this).  Anyway I still have had some time to watch stuff and one thing being Rozen Maiden, and if you can’t tell by the title I’m half way though the first season.  For a very quick review, I find it very meh, for more in depth and stuff WE HAVE A MORE TAG TO FOLLOW!

All right first things first, I was watching this and I saw parts of Fate Stay Night and Zach Bell in this show.  Now god please don’t go and yell at me about when stuff came out, thats just what I thought when I was watching it.  Now really my big problem with the series is the balance between humor and serious stuff.  The show likes to go very much show with the humor, when it seems the serious part would be really awesome.  I mean the idea in itself is a nice one, I do think the idea for the show is good.  Its just with all this humor stuff, I mean it has short jokes for a time.  Though this does bother me, the short jokes lasted, they got the stick or whatever to open the door and then thats it they can open doors without the stick now.  It was in once or twice, but that was it.

Also really for me I don’t really care for the characters.  I don’t care for desu girl (I’m way to lazy to try to spell the name and or look it up) I think she is a total bitch/brat.  Also I don’t like how the dolls give life advice…that just annoys me.  Now it may seem like I’m talking a lot about the bad per say, but really anything I’m not talking about is all right.  Which is why I find it very meh, I mean the fight parts are usually very one sided and very fast.  Maybe even almost to the point of a pacing problem, but I am not quite sure.

So overall its very watchable, but I’m not sure if you should go out of your way to watch it.  If you like the style of the characters and all of that go for it, I’m sure you’ll like it.  If not you may finding something, but most likely not so much.  For me I figure I might as well just finish it and go on.  I hear the next season is better and things so who knows.  It could just be the first 6 episodes or something.