I have be getting around to watching the series I know I should have seen the first time around.  Lain is a good example, but that is a different topic.  This time it is Genshiken, which I have heard so many things about, and with the next season coming it seems or likely to come up.

At the moment I have only watched the first episode…so that is what all my opinions will be based on.  Though I did really enjoy the episode, I will admit the opening thew me for a loop because I thought I could have downloaded got the off shoot instead.  That lucky enough for it is was right.  This seems to be a very down to earth series, but I may not mean that in the way it should be used.  I mean it in the way that this is how geeks,nerds,otaku (don’t like using that last one) are.  Or at least that is the way I see it.  I could see my and some friends in a room like that and everything (which then I kinda wonder why we are not).

Though it is weird to say I found the best part to be where I could name all the video game systems that were on the table (which were, neo geo, sega saturn, and playstation) that right there was just awesome in my thinking.  I do enjoy getting references and stuff like that.  Though maybe I think the appeal for me is that it is more than just anime and manga references, and that there are those other references which I understand more.

So overall I did really enjoy the first episode and if things go well I will be looking forward to the next season.  Things seem to be right on and good so far, and I hope for the rare concept of things staying like that.  Though stupid references will be enough to keep me watching.