Awww, filler? Again? Oh well, here it is.

So I noticed several things that are useful when preparing for college, and I will share them with all of you, for when the time comes. First off is books. Books are one of the most pain-in-the-cencored out there.

What you want to do is get their 10 digit number above the barcode, as well as the price at your school for what they sell them at. Used, of course. Next, you want to go to

Once you are there, perform a ‘Book’ search, and use the 10 digit number to find the book. If you have found it, then what you want to do is find a decent conditioned book for the cheapest you can get it. Don’t look at the worst conditioned books, sometimes the other books are in better condition and they cost less.

If you typed in the 10 digit number, and it showed an error of some sort, go to and try it there. Don’t buy the books from there, just get the name, or most of the name, as well as the year the book was published. Then go back to and do a search, it should lead you to the book you are looking for.

I ended up saving 200 dollars on books by doing this, so I believe it is a very good way to buy books. That concludes our first section of ‘Preparing for College’, and sorry for putting filler like this here for those who aren’t concerned about such things.