So, I see Shadro has been infected with LAZY MADNESS! I guess I will pick up some slack here. Lately I have been reading a LOT of web comics to pass the time, and there are a few that I liked quite a bit.

First is This comic is about a young Da’kor, a race of violent beasts that love to hunt and kill. He falls in love with an elf, and decides to help her find her fiancee. He meets several companions on his quest. It is kind of short, but I thought it was pretty neat. Since it is hard to rate this on my regular scale, I will up the scale to an ‘out of ten’. I would give this a 7.5/10 for its wonderful art and story line. There isn’t a whole lot of action, but there are some.


Next up is Purgatory Tower. Sorry I can’t link you to this one, it has a long name, so just google it. It is about a bunch of convicts from prison, who volunteered for this. If they can climb to the top of the tower, they will be pardoned of all their crimes and set free. However, not everything is as it seems with the tower, as the convicts are soon to realize. It isn’t very far, but it is worth reading, I give it a 7/10.


Next up is a web comic called ‘Goblins’. It is a D&D based web comic, and it is really funny. is the url, don’t type a www. in front of it. This is about a goblin’s view of adventurers, and how they act to what the adventurers do. It is very, very funny, with parts like

*ting* a copper piece was flicked to the ground in front of the adventurer, comming from the elder goblin. “Whats that?” The adventurer asked, laying there, dieing. “I bet you one copper piece that you fail to stabalize before -7.”

XD so, thats the web comics for today! Oh yea, Goblin gets a 9/10 for its wackyness, as well as its hilarity.