Well its the time of the week where I sound like a broken record and talk about how much I enjoy School Days.  Yet again I enjoyed the episode, I mean really we are all holding on to the bad end to bring us though this, but hey all of this is quite awesome too.  I mean sure if Kotonha goes Rena on Sekai it would be just about the most awesome thing ever…or god one of the other 2 endings that just really just fail because of how awesome Kotonha is.

That is how people look when they get…PWNED

That is how people look when they get...PWNED

All right so yeah idiot guy is now cheating on cute girl to go out with slut.  Woo, I give awesome summaries…oh oh wait its don’t done yet, then every other girl is like obsessed with the idiot guy and all want to go out with him and cute girl sees idiot guy kissing slut with her clothes about off.  Oh yeah epic summary there, I surprise myself at times.

Ok, now for the more me talking writing about random stuff that fits in.  Really I would like to point out that this is not what we saw 5 episodes ago, back at episode one things were not this serious, or some other word I can’t think of to describe this.  Back at episode one it wasn’t…I guess as dark as it is, we were kinda light hearted and it was all right.  Then the hints to a bad end come and things just change, they became more and more common and now its about taken over; or become a big part of.  Don’t get me wrong this is a cool thing it is just weird to look back and see this change.

Yeah it is kinda obvious when they look like that

It is really obvious with those looks

This also marks the half way point for the series (info about that taken from anime news network) so why I bring this up is that with how much stuff is done is there really enough content for another 6.  I mean I see more or less 3 or 4, if that really.  Things do really seem to be at the end of the rope for a bad metaphor.  So again I bring up my idea about how more than one arc and thinking about this more there are 2 bad ends that are changed more or less by a single decision.  I will not spoil the bad ends, though if you would like to see them, check them out here and you can see which 2 I am speaking of.

There we are another episode of School Days behind us, I still do think it is one of the 2 shows to watch this season, of course Mushiuta being the other, but there are different enough to each be epic in there own way and I don’t think I could choose between the 2 right now.  Both of these seems to be a hidden gem found…so before I become any more cheesy I’m ending this post.

Hows that for the end of the episode…or seeing your boyfriend (or girlfriend (if you have one)) with a girl (or guy) like that!

Yeah hows that for the end of the episode...and seeing your boyfriend with a girl like that