I mean if the title of this doesn’t give you an idea well…I really don’t know.  This episode was quite crazy in about every way.  Just so many questions still, and it is really hard to describe a lot of this.  Though this is still a really awesome OVA really, I’m enjoying it a ton and with only one part to go who knows what is next.  So if the title is warning enough not work safe stuff here.

Secret plans…like…eva like

secret plans...like...eva like

There was just so much crazy stuff that happen I jokingly referred it to EVA, however that is really one way to look at this.  There just to seems to be that kind of vibe going.  Heck there even seems to be clones of silver/blue haired girls.  Then it seems the government isn’t all that good it seems to be with secret deals and projects and the whole deal.

half jellyfish….

half jellyfish...

Then just to add on and fill another sci-fi thing we now have terraforming, however this is terraforming gone bad.  It seems this could cause the death of all humans due to even more crazy stuff.  Like half jellyfish…and I’ll leave that at that, because I have no idea how to go about it.

Now ICE was talked about a lot again as well.  It seems this is the answer to populate the world again.  Though what goes with it the twin tower is the whole terraforming, it is the opposites of each other.  Like how there are these 2 factions.

Oh yeah..that was so long ago…of couse

Oh yeah...that was so long ago and stuff

Overall this was a whole lot of stuff in not a whole lot of time.  However this is still a really cool watch.  It has a lot in it that I just can’t cover all of it.  While this may seem a bit more like a summary I think I bring thoughts and opinions to it.

This is where the title came from

This is where the title came from