Well even though there was no action or anything really I still like this episode.  It is still not yet to the point where it is fillers, this are still interesting episodes and they still matter to the story.  Plus there is an 8-bit bug and that will make me like this episode ^^

It’s so 8-bit

It's so 8-bit

While it is still annoying with that time skip between 4 and 5 this was a cool episode.  It had a lot of focus on the characters and starting to show other people, like the teacher and there true colors or whatever you would like to call them.  Then of course like the rest the dream focus is there as normal.



Though what I will say about this series, and more or less shown in this episode is how stupid these people are.  Ok, when it gets to the point where goggles or a mask can hide yourself so well it is just crazy.  I mean can’t they figure out who each other are.  I mean its a mask that covers some of the face on one and goggles on the other.  Then it seems everybody has a twin that everybody knows to, with the flashback they talk about a person who looks just like the person that lead to the flashback.  Seriously I wonder…

The big thing with this episode though is the end with a new mysterious person coming in.  That and the 8-bit bug which cave ‘lady’s friend power to go into tech and stuff, which more or less could have been caused by the teacher.  So overall it was just all right not great, not bad, but in the middle.

Oh come on it is amusing

oh come on that is amuseing