Yes no title could be found because this post has so much epic and awesome and excellentness..ism…thing…yeah.  No really more or less it is a few announcements and stuff that need to come out and all of that good stuff.  First off the obvious, is that the blogroll has some new blogs on there Anime Diet and That’s Not Kanon, both of which better than me so go read them, and for Anime Diet check out their podcast again which is also grater than mine.  Also again for the obvious thing…there is a rants, raves, and opinions category now.  So if you want one of the three you know where to click.  Oh but thats not all more under the tag..thing…yeah I should just call it the same thing every time..but forget that.

So all right next up is more or less an update to get to the newest version of wordpress…becuase…I’m not and stuff…Then to go with the fresh version I’m thinking about having a new theme/look/whatever for the site as well.  So you know what look forward to it…even if you don’t care, care.  All right good moving on.

Then really the next ‘project’ that will take time, effort, work…or more than normal is what I have not come up with a name for fully yet ‘Anime Blogging 101′ which will have, posts from various other sites, about tips, tricks, and all of that fun stuff about anime blogging.  Of course links to programs and all of that will be there as well and will co-inside with the ACEN panel I am working on.  Look forward to that and opinions are always welcome…yeah they are, had to think about it though.

Ok, so the last thing I want to go rant about is reviewing whole series vs per episode.  Now the way I see it both are fine and awesome in their own way, but there are some things that each way does that the other can’t.  The obvious example being during a series review you can’t go though and pick out the details that each episode may have, while in the per episode you can pick anything you see out and go with it.  Then with the whole series you can have the whole story, final opinions and all of that while with per episode it is a risk that a series may go sour.

Regarding which way it should be done, I can’t tell you.  I do the per episode because that way I can get a post a day for the most part and that is just how I like to operate.  What this does though is give a range of quality, some episodes may have a lot of stuff where others are just…there.  I don’t really see a problem with it though because I can give opinions as its going on.  While as a whole if most of the series sucked that would more or less be the focus, but lets say there was a really awesome episode or 2; with the per episode you can talk about all that and stuff.

Now talking about always brings up how to write a post and all of that stuff.  There is the review thing and there is whatever else.  The way I see it, just do what you want.  I mean thats what I do to get the most fun about it.  If I want to summarize a whole episode in one long sentence I’ll do it then talk about boob graping the rest of the time or how pacing is awesome when done right.  I’ll make stupid references to stuff.  Just write how you want to right and if people read it awesome, if not so much; who knows maybe another time.  I mean I’ve had a lot of hit and miss stuff, but thats just the way stuff its.

All right I’m done…and I’m lacking a witty comment to go out by so its gonna end…here.