I really don’t know what I missed but it just seems like there is this part from last episode to this episode that is…non existent, I went back and watched the end of episode 4 again and the time line is right but it seems there were these events that happen but are not shown so there could have been a skip or something. While still a good episode everything just felt off.

A map in the goggles…AWESOME

a map in the goggles....AWESOME

While I have my thing about things just felling off, there was more or less a lot that happen. It seems there is just so much going on and everything is moving along and how the outcomes of the last battle are taking effect. Then there was a flashback to the two main characters meeting, but then its like they don’t remember each other just because of different names. It makes no sense really, really most of the episode I was more or less going “WHAT!?” Like why the leader of the rebels and the main girl are living together when she wasn’t captured and…ARG IT MAKES NO SENSE.



While this is still a great series and a must watch for the summer season I wonder where it is going really. I mean apparently the main girl has this power she shouldn’t have because her bug was killed, but yet its like it wasn’t. Then maybe the organization isn’t good and is out for evil stuff. Then you got the rebellion side that just wants to live without like having to fight and stuff. But really we still don’t know where the bug things come from anything.

I will admit this series does a good job at being very careful about what its reveled, for some reason small things are relived while the big questions are just ignored altogether. Then really I start to wonder what will happen with the school life stuff later on, will it still be there or is it going to change or..some third thing. Still worth the watch and a very good episode as I stated before. Lets just see what the next episode has to bring.

I needed a third pic…and I don’t have a witty one liner

enh I needed a thrid pic and I just can't think of a one liner