No doubt this is the best episode so far. Bugs blew up, guns were fired and all this other awesome stuff. I swear it must have been like:

Person A: “Hey remember that episode 2…with like the background, while cool there was a lack of action.”

Person B: “Yeah, yeah I remember.”

Person A: “We should have episode 4 be the exact opposite so there is full out action.”

Person B: “It just be done…FOR GREAT JUSTICE!”

Person A: “You used the Justice line last time…with School Days.”

Person B: “…it was you..but…crap”

Gun Arm, Megaman style

Gun Arm, Megaman style

So yes, this episode was very awesome action packed stuff. I mean a bug like morphing the guys hand it was all like Megaman style and stuff. It was epic stuff. Then bugs are like going crazy and stuff, which cannons hidden in like any place you could think of. Backstabbing which like sucks but it was awesome too.

Not only was it awesome action but there was a lot of plot stuff that was thrown in there too. There was a deeper look into both groups and their motives. Really good and evil sides may not be what we may think them to believe. Really it follows cyberpunk stuff a lot, besides from the awesome looking stuff. I just worry that they don’t try to have too much going on at one time, I mean right where there at is fine, but if they keep throwing new stuff in things could take a turn for the worse.

That screams mecha bug

That screams mecha bug

Still overall, what a nice little package of action, drama, and plot this episode turned out to be.  Very enjoyable to watch and as I said before a number of times, this is one of the must watches for this season.

Its like…a zombie bug

Its like...a zombie bug