2007 August

August 2007

All right the title of this post is about what happen in the episode, everything finally sinks in. That is not all though, this episode has proven every character is either a bitch or stupid. That is about how thing boil down too, people either being mean or stupid. Makes for a enjoyable watch though.  Oh not work safe for one picture in the post, so yep…

She is EVIL

She is EVIL


Well finally I made it though the hell of finals, so as of tomorrow everything should be back.  I do apologize for the off topic and everything.  Series will be caught up on, Lucky Star is a good example, expect another batch post about that.  Other series I will try to get back on the ball.  I’m going to be looking for a new theme since the poll says so.  Other than that I’m kind out of stuff, I’m like half asleep right now, I couldn’t even find a witty picture…

Well I found this of must interest so here is me quoting it.

It is not uncommon in Japan for dedicated fan communities to build on the game world–extending or tweaking the mechanics of popular games.  Sometimes these fans even produce doujinshi–books and fanzines that contain stories and art based on the characters in their favorite games.  These publications are often produced in small quantities and sold to fans at conventions, by mail, or though specialty shops.  fans in Japan have also produced games based on other popular games that have achieved a cult status.  The Queen of Heart series is one example of fan-produced fighting games that star characters in the popular game To Heart

Oh and the picture has a Comic Party character just so you know (well I think they both are, but I’m not sure).  Though as I said I find this interesting that it was in my text book.  I may later have to dig into this deeper and link it to licenses for games and anime games and it just opens a lot up.

Yes, I am still working on that game, things are not going the best for it…but its going at least.  So here is a screen shot to show it off…cus I can!

Bullet Hell Screenshot

I think it can be something good when its done, and maybe once I figure stuff out I could do an animeblogger version like people have talked about in posts.  Anyway enjoy, comment, whatever…

All right there is a whole reason for the lack of posting…and it is called school.  See now is about the time everybody is starting right?  No, don’t worry about that though that isn’t it.  What is going on is that I have finals this coming week and I have a whole lot of stuff to work on.  So in some crazy means to turn this into something about anime or something, I’ll go ahead and talk about one of my finals.

See my major is Game Simulation Programing (GSP) and for my final I have to make a game…yeah…I’m not joking…really.  Anyway this does semi-relate because my game will be a Bullet Hell game or danmaku, but blah blah blah it all turns into the Touhou games.  Yeah thats right, Touhou bullets going every which way, so on, so fourth.  So instead of me like…trying to talk about it I can just show my design document that I had to do, and that is under the tag and all of that, and I will try to get back in the grove of things soon.


What exactly did the chairmen have on Saki.  I could not figure it out for the life of me.  Or that could be the way it is meant to be.  Though could someone please clear this up for me?

I have be getting around to watching the series I know I should have seen the first time around.  Lain is a good example, but that is a different topic.  This time it is Genshiken, which I have heard so many things about, and with the next season coming it seems or likely to come up.


 Hm…what to write about…what to write about…  Well, since I never get any kind of warning when told to write, I shall start writing about the thing I was just reading.  The thing I was just reading also happens to be one of–if not completely–my largest obsessions.  It’s something I try not to start on for fear I will never finish.

So I will start and will undoubtly end and the perfectly wrong time.  Here is The Legend of Zelda.


Awww, filler? Again? Oh well, here it is.


So, I see Shadro has been infected with LAZY MADNESS! I guess I will pick up some slack here. Lately I have been reading a LOT of web comics to pass the time, and there are a few that I liked quite a bit.


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