My friend forced me to watch it…and I didn’t hate it. Though this wasn’t to say I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. Also though this was about the first sports anime I took time to watch, though I know about the general stuff that happens in every sports show. Anyway moving on.

All right so as the title says this is a bike riding anime, which is strange enough as it is; but hey its new.  Then of course there is the main character who doesn’t know a thing about bikes or even how to ride one.  Though you would think by high school…oh well.  Then he is very good at…zoning out and just doing one thing and being real passionate and not being aware of his surroundings.  Which hey will become useful later…I think.
So about the first episode was introducing the main character who of course is an idoit. I mean really we all saw that coming.  So then we also find out he is a push over and everything, so on so fourth.  So then insert the girl the guy has a crush on who will be there for something important later.  Though she does get the guy started with the whole bike thing (and he has a wet dream with her on his bike wearing a swim suit…I SWEAR, IT WAS THERE).  Then there was the intro to the biking, him taking on bullies, so on…Not a whole lot of stuff in the first to episodes.
Really while all of it seems done before it still is an all right watch, the OP and ED are really nice, the animation is all right.  The plot while generic is not bad or anything.  I will keep watching it most likely, just not blog really.  This more or less to me is just an anime to watch when nothing else is around or what not.  There are no pictures…because I forgot to take them while I was watching and so on ^^;  Still if you have an open slot, might as well try this out.