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Spoiler warning goes here and all that fun stuff like disclaimer for gore and suggestive stuff. So from what I’ve read with school days, everybody talks about these bad endings; it doesn’t go any further than that (though this could be because I don’t read all that much or whatever, but anyway). So I figured I might as well go though the whole 3 bad endings that maybe the anime will pick up…or it could be of the 19 not bad ones; for another time with those though. So after the cut you’ll get a little rant about the ending then a link to the youtube video of each of them, simple enough; so onward.

Bad Ending 1: Eternally (Kotonoha’s Death)
This ending has Sekai and Makoto togeather and they decide to tell Kotonha about it. After that Kotonoha jumps off an apartment and falls on the concreat on her head. Then according to wikipedia Makoto broke up with Sekai later on and never had a girlfriend since.
Youtube Link: Here

Bad Ending 2: The Bloody Conclusion (Sekai’s Death)
This ending also had Sekai and Makoto together, but this time around Kotonha goes Rena on Sekai with a long knife or whatever you want to call it and slits Sekai’s throat. Lots of blood, I would say this is the most bloodiest of the 3.
Youtube Link: Here

Bad Ending 3: To My Children (Makoto’s Death)
This ending has Makoto cheating on Sekai and also does it with Kotonha, then there is a jump later on with Kotonha pregnant. After Kotonha leaves Sekai comes up, who is also pregnant and stabs Makoto, who then after that gets quite a while to talk and stuff before he ends up dieing. Again according to wikipedia people seem to view this as the true ending because Makoto got what he deserved; I don’t personally, but view it how you will.
Youtube Link (Note, this one is a 3 part, so the search result will be shown when you click the link and one the 3 are shown): Here

So there it is, the bad endings to the School Days game that many have spoken of, personally if I had to chose one to happen I would choose #2 The bloody conclusion. Again though as I said there are 19 other endings to the came that are ‘good’ more or less. As for what the anime will do, who knows as I said at the beginning as well. Though enjoy, I suppose and or discuss as well. Though I will agree with wiki that most people will enjoy #3 To My Children ending just because of the Makoto hating :P