There were not many giant bugs in this episode, though I will forgive it because there was plot instead. Turns out the main guy here jumps in front of trains for any girl that looks like the one I suppose. AT LEAST HE LIVED (though it would have been awesome in some way if the train did hit him).

Awesome Flashback

Awesome Flashback

So, more or less this episode was bringing the main female character I think. She had a nice log flashback at the end, which was done really cool actually. I would like to see more flashbacks done this way. How it works is that all the flashback is done in black and white, however the character is going though those places where the events happened, and then she is in color. It was just really well done and was just really cool to watch. Then really the stuff that was in the flashbacks were awesome as well.

Arcade Proof V2

Aracade Proof V2
This episode seems like a perfect build up to some action sooner or later. I do like the plot or this in general and I want it to go places. If more giant bugs start fighting and stuff this will become a must watch, or if those cyberpunk dudes keep showing up. So overall after the second episode my interest has not gone anywhere, it is a very interesting series so far. It also has a lot of cool shots done with the art, very movie like or something. I would recommend it just because of the cool shots like the flashback and other parts.



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