Once again another episode I like. Though just the fact that a bad ending could be coming sooner or later is just always around. Hits to one of these endings could be in there all read or it could be another one of the 19 good endings or even a different ending all together. Still though overall another good episode.

Seriously, thats a work outfit

seriously, that a work outfit

More… I do really enjoy this series, I like the plot, I like the characters for the most part (god that guy is stupid), and I like the art. Though pacing I love, I think it works so well and shows more or less stuff that other series wouldn’t. Though everybody is stupid, but hey that may be a draw, I mean it works for the most part…It is just the guy is stupid, really he knows like nothing; but that is the plot.

It is interesting to see how things move along, there are so many awkward moments and they are done so well. Then there is still the love triangle going on, that just about everybody can put together expect the 3 main people. Then there was just a whole lot stuff that happen, and you get to see where people work…and question outfits. Then a whole thing about names, and peoples little sisters. I do think it does hit the slice of life quite well with all this stuff that normally wouldn’t be gone into I think.

One is the loneliest number that there ever was
one is the lonlyness number that there ever was

Again overall I did like this episode and I like how things are moving along. This show really did surprise me that it was on my list of anime to watch and it turned out to be good. More or less this kinda reminds me of Shuffle kinda, which I also liked a lot; though right now I think I like this more.

…what if a car came

...what if a car came