Oh you thought it was just a simple filler post, but what an aftereffect it had. After the post went up, there was quite the discussion about the very topic. So after the more tag will have the full transcript of this conversation (with little to no editing, so spelling and stuff may not be perfect).

[20:45] Matetroz: the post is up. heh heh…i got a yoda quote in. I’m good.
[21:06] Shadro: whatever you say
[21:07] Matetroz: i made the post somewhat serious
[21:07] Shadro: serious, you doing; impossible
[21:07] Matetroz: lol, i know right?
[21:07] Matetroz: it’s about the future of anime
[21:08] Shadro: I read it
[21:08] Matetroz: what do you think about the future?
[21:09] Shadro: Nothing is gonna change, cartoons have been around for about ever they are not gone though I know you could argue about quality and so on, but a more accurate comparison would be comics, comics had their evolution and they are still strong, things did change, the art style for example and the same has happen with anime and I see neither disappearing, but changing of course what doesn’t change
[21:10] Matetroz: …good answer
[21:10] Shadro: I do have my moments
[21:10] Matetroz: i don’t suppose you put that in a comment?
[21:11] Shadro: oh I was thinking about it
[21:11] Matetroz: cool
[21:11] Matetroz: i was kinda hoping to start a little discussion on it
[21:11] Shadro: oh wok I’ll go do it then
[21:12] Shadro: I didn’t but I considered it but if you want me too I’ll go and make it grammar right and stuff.
[21:12] Matetroz: it’s up to you
[21:13] Shadro: xD I so blew you away with that response though
[21:13] Matetroz: yeah, i wasn’t expecting it
[21:14] Matetroz: i was expecting a quick-and-cut-to-the-point kinda of response
[21:14] Shadro: oh no I went and supported it and everything
[21:14] Matetroz: pretty good
[21:14] Matetroz: are you taking some kind of class for that or something?
[21:14] Shadro: does critical thinking count?
[21:15] Matetroz: it might help
[21:15] Shadro: k, but you so were not expecting me to pull the reference to comics.
[21:15] Matetroz: not at all
[21:18] Shadro: though when you look at it, that makes more sense than referring it to cartoons really. Comics like anime have the one, once in a while that is purely serious and things among that. They more or less have been know to take things that happen during the time and portray those views in the medium, cartoons not so much as the US views it as children entertainment, though there are exceptions to that such as South Park and the Simpsons.
[21:19] Matetroz: …what the hell kind of concentration drugs are you taking, and can i have some?
[21:22] Shadro: not taking any, just more or less my opinion and what I see. I mean you could still argue cartoons are close, but just older examples would have to be taken. I mean take the Sonic that was on ABC (STAM or whatever it was called) that does have a dark story, with the resistance and a lot of that, or the obvious the having Sonic’s Uncle being a robot. That isn’t all happy and everything. So, back in the day really there were more serious cartoons, though there are expectations still, like the Avatar which is a really dark series that broke out of the normal of just going for the lol. meh, thats what I think though
[21:25] Matetroz: apparently is the darkness that lasts through the times, a funny cartoon or anime will be blown away like dust, but a serious or dark one will be remembered and is more likely to stand the test of time. also, it is these dark things that continue the life of everything else, and are likely to be the reason we still have anime and cartoons in the future
[21:27] Shadro: well not really, because there are those series like South Park and such that get season after season, and there is the same with anime; though Dr. Slump is the only thing that comes to mind right now, but both have been going quite a long time and those are not that much serious.
[21:28] Matetroz: but will they still matter in a few decades? will people still care? humor is bound to be different in the future, but appealing to the dark times is something everyone can do
[21:29] Shadro: Then I mean to talk about serious > funny I would like to bring up SNL and things like that, I mean you can still buy Wanes World, and that is a generally funny movie, the same with many more. There is a place for both, the point I was trying to make before is that the direction of cartoons in a way changed.
[21:29] Matetroz: that is true
[21:31] Shadro: but then I didn’t mean to apply that anime is just serious stuff, yes there are the good series that are; there are also good series that are comedy. What more or less happens is that anime is viewed as a genre by some when it should be viewed as a medium like comics.
[21:32] Matetroz: …whoa…
[21:32] Shadro: btw this is being copy and pasted to lj at least just because of the good content in it
[21:32] Matetroz: lol yeah
[21:34] Matetroz: you’re right though, most poeple see anime as a form of entertainment, but often times there much deeper things in it. for some reason, the complexity of things is easier to read than it is to watch.
[21:35] Shadro: well I kinda agree with that, but take movies those can be viewed serious by many. I believe it is the look of anime and being deemed ‘cartoon’ is the true problem. More or less in the US it is conditioned that cartoons are for kids. Though this is really more of a stretch, but I do think that plays some fact in it.
[21:36] Matetroz: that is true. it’s sad how people haven’t realized how powerful anime can be
[21:37] Shadro: well more or less that all comes down to a difference in cultures, the US isn’t Japan and Japan isn’t the US
[21:37] Matetroz: there are exceptions of course, but most of the good anime has something to tell and something to be learned from, and no one has seen this yet. if it is ever discovered, the future of anime could find itself in classrooms
[21:38] Matetroz: i think the Japanese might have the right idea about this
[21:40] Shadro: As do I, I mean they do make anime for all ages, which is why there is the serious stuff. There is the Dragon Ball and stuff or kids; then there is also Lain or something more serious or whatever for the older, though the ’serious’ isn’t the only thing I mean there is soap opera anime. Whatever is live action here I do think japan has it in anime, but as I stated that is because anime is for everybody there
[21:41] Shadro: maybe this should be a blog post instead…
[21:42] Matetroz: good idea
[21:44] Matetroz: you brought up a lot of good posts
[21:44] Shadro: you mean points
[21:44] Matetroz: …yes…yes i do
[21:44] Shadro: I am on one awesome roll
[21:44] Matetroz: yes you are
[21:44] Shadro: I think its this college thing
[21:45] Matetroz: damn
[21:45] Shadro: they are like “what do you think” instead of “THIS IS RIGHT, THIS IS THE WAY”
[21:45] Matetroz: sounds nice
[21:46] Matetroz: you know…i bet anime will last forever
[21:46] Matetroz: it’s versatile, flexible, and there’s something for everyone
[21:46] Matetroz: the problem most people have is that there’s so many, they give up trying to find something they can like
[21:47] Matetroz: there needs to be at least…2 anime gurus in every province
[21:47] Shadro: as I said anime is much like comics and I think what your saying apples the same
[21:48] Matetroz: maybe you should write a follow up post on my Future one
[21:48] Shadro: copy and paste, there is no way I’m going to rewrite this stuff