“Difficult to tell, the future is.”  (Yoda, Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back)

It stood true in the 80’s, and it still stands true now.  What will happen in the future?  Will there still be anime 30 years from now?  Will it evolve into something else?  Is it possible for us to still be receiving genuine, beautiful moving art?  Or, will we be stuck with a generic, half baked mess?

Difficult to tell, indeed.

There are no certanties.  We can no nothing for sure.  Hell, it’s possible that there won’t even be anime in the future.  A depressing thought, yes, but a possible one.  The people could have moved on to something bigger and “better”.  In 30 years, we could have full 3D animation, and anime could become a thing of memory. 

Personally, I think we’ll still have anime.  There’s such a large fan base all over the world, it would be stupid to get rid of it.  There’s so much money in anime, and there are countless possibilities.  It’s even possible that that there will be anime when 3D animation comes around.  Just think, you could immerse yourself into the world of you favorite anime.  Walk along with the characters and see from a first person view of everything happening. 

But tell me, what do you think?  Where will the future of anime end up?  The bottom of a garbage can, or the pinnacle of civilization?