Well, this is my must watch of summer and its only the first episode. This was a fun, enjoyable, easy watch. That is awesome in itself, but then it also goes and is like good.



This was in my summer preview and oh how I wanted it to be good. I wanted to find a shoujo, romance series to blog or just watch and I think I have found it. I really enjoyed this first episode, I really like the characters, the art style, and all of that stuff. Then things don’t seem to have that overused thing to it, and the main character isn’t a harem main character and that is always a plus. Then the way the characters are I think is just done quite well, while some traits are those overused, it isn’t used in that same way or as much to the point where it becomes annoying. Like the shy girl for example, while she is shy; she does not blush nearly as many times as any other shy girl character. Then also there was one part in the episode where it could have been a classic game screen, confession thing, or whatever; a character caught it though and stopped it. I found that clever taking something that is seen a lot and changing it around.
Then the pacing for this episode I thought was really good. It is like started from the end of some others, this is starting with the confession and then moving on. I just think that is cool, it seems different to me; I can’t say to much because I haven’t watched to many of these series. I liked how things moved and how they moved as well. It didn’t just seem like the random thing that ends up happening because its anime or something along those lines. Everything seemed well played and not random, sure a bit of luck but not way out there.

I think that is a tad bit stalkerish

I think that is a tad bit stalkerish

So really not too much to say. I loved this episode and I’m really excited to go on with this series. I really want to see how things progress, the ending was so much of a twist and just wow. I just hope this series keeps going with what it is doing.

DID NOT see that comming

I DID NOT see that comming