I’m back! All rumors and statements of my death were true. I have, however, got better. So my first post back will be about an anime. Yes, I know /shock. I haven’t done anime in a long time. Well, here it goes:

Here is some background information on the anime in general, so as you can tell if you like it or not.

The anime is about a freshman in high school, whose name is Kenichi. He is nick named ‘Weak Legs’, as part of his name(1) has something to do with legs. He is below average with his grades, and he sucks as a fighter. However, once he entered High School, he joined the karate club in order to ’shed’ his old nick name.

This is where we start off.

Kenichi, on his way to school, meets a girl(2) and they are both about to be late. She says they will take a short cut, and she goes to jump over this huge ravine. Kenichi tries to stop her, as he thinks the hole is too big, though she makes it over easily, he falls into the water. She ends up befriending him(3). Later, when he is at the dojo, you learn that he isn’t really being taught any martial arts. He is basically everyone’s punching bag.

He begins his walk home, slightly depressed. On his way, he rounds a corner and there are a bunch of thugs there, attacking the girl he met earlier, whose name I can’t remember. Though they weren’t attacking her when he got there, she talked to them about their behaviour of picking on the weak, and they were about to start a fight with her.

Kenichi, after almost cowarding out of it, ran to the thugs to start a fight, and accidentally punched one. It wasn’t a strong punch, but it was enough to piss of the thug. He pulled out a blade. The girl then did something amazing: She kicked all three of the thugs arses in a short ammount of time. With martial arts.

She tells Kenichi of a place that he can learn, because he asks her about it later. When he gets there, however, he is almost too cowardly to go in. When he tries to leave, he bumps into the Master of the place, who proves to be very, very fast.

The episode ends here.

Rating out of a ten, this gets an 8. The humour is great, and I would have to say that this rivals Prince of Tennis. It is the same sort of thing as Prince of Tennis, though with fighting instead, and the main character isn’t already a master.