I can’t really say I liked this episode as much as the others, it just seemed a bit more bland among things.  Though it is an x-mas episode I’m watching in July…so, I think that calls for some leeway…maybe.

So overall for me the episode was all right.  There wasn’t just as many references, topics, whatever that either I got wasn’t all that great.  All the x-mas stuff didn’t really do anything for me.  Then a lot of the episode talked about falling asleep on train rides, and once again I can’t say I have been on a train or enough to really get that.

This was the first episode that did being back older topics I believe.  The whole adults going after younger people came back and added to it.  So, yeah cool for now; happens again not so much.

Then I kinda just have to say, the part about cooking Raman was just about the coolest thing ever.  Much enjoyed, best part of this episode.  So overall, I think I would have to say that this is my least favorite episode so far.  Though that is just because I got a lot more from the other episodes.  So I’m just gonna repeat myself in a new way and say that enjoyment from an episode will come out of the content of that episode.  Since it is all over some people will like and some people will hate.  But thats been said, but I believe it.  So take it as you will.

PS Pictures soon ^-^;