Well after waiting what seemed like forever, finally another episode of StrikerS, not that I was per say looking forward to this episode, but hey its something.  Then that isn’t to say that this was a bad episode, it was just kinda there.

So if you couldn’t tell by my clever (not really) title, this episode is everybody getting a day off (or for the first 20 minutes).  So off the four kids go into the town to have a great day, after accomplishing their training goal, letting them get their next weapon form.

So hey, non stop training for a while, yeah that calls for a break.  So off the teams head in different ways, and Fate and Nanoha stay behind to do work, or something.  Then Eiro and Caro find a girl that looks to have a relic and thats the end of the episode.  I’m not here to give summaries (or I just don’t want to today or whatever).

What I thought of this episode is that its one of those episodes where time needs to be passed before moving on.  Now, no I don’t mean like a filler or something that is different.  This is more things were accomplished before we though everybody into battle again lets give them a break.  It has to deal more with the story, and then gives to a point character development, or seeing more of them not in there battle ‘zone’ I suppose.

It is one of the first times that Eiro and Caro are treated like children.  Before they were on the same level because of there power/gift whatever.  So to an extent we could say that it is a chance to see the characters normally.  Now really we have to talk about Tea being non Asuka like in this episode, in the last few she had her…mishaps, but in this episode (which I believe is timed 2 weeks later) she is back to normal.  The question is, is she really past it for good now?

So here we go, a little more opinion this time around (will make up for pictures being late ^^;)