All right, most of us know Lucky Star started as a 4Koma. 4 panels per comic, short, simple, sweet. Now this is where a problem can come in, an episode is about 24 minutes long. Hm…put it together.

OK, so what I see is that the 4Koma is simple and easy and doesn’t take long. However anime does, and episodes need to be filed. There is only so much of the 4Koma, and 4Koma is much so dialog based. While I have no problems with Lucky Star anime, they take stuff word for word. That though also leads to the problem there needs to be more than that.

Now we could sit here and argue all day about anime not following the manga and the other way around. No…really it could go on for quite some time, but thats for another day…maybe I get lazy. Any for my thoughts, a 4Koma isn’t enough for a series. Then it is easy to tell with the backgrounds and a lot of other things with Lucky Star, the street walking, the classroom.

So, now note I don’t work for the industry or anything so I can only complain and stuff. Though what I think is that maybe something could be added during the times where it is just a talking part, now that could get crazy with cuts and tons of stuff. I could just be asking for having a visual with the audio more I suppose.

That is not the only thing though, now yes it is faithful to the 4Koma, but I take the side that adding stuff can be good too. Now this could be done and I just don’t know it, but still having things to fill the void between 4Koma strips since they don’t take long and stuff. This is kinda why I think Lucky Channel is around, not enough real content to fill the whole time.

So there it is my opinion and or idea about 4Koma and Lucky Star, then really for any 4Koma to anime to come I suppose, its all universal mostly.