Lots of licensing going around now, ya know cons make that stuff happen.  So like the good person I am, I have been reading to see what is up.  So now I’m going to go and talk about them and see what crazy ideas I can think of that the companies could do to mess with these releases.  So let it begin!
Nanoha - I somehow see Nanoha being marketed as “The action magic girl anime” or something along those lines.  Though I do wonder with censoring with this one.  I mean yeah DVD release I believe, but…I still could see stuff being changed.  Then seriously its been a while since Nanoha, way to go to get this now!
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora -  The problem here is that it was licensed, go on pick a series, any series.  That would have been a better choice.  Then this was the series where I got riped by another blogger who will remain nameless.  Then from what I recall, it is a lot of boobs…mostly, maybe some fighting.  So, how will be this be marked?  Though I’m sure it was free to even license it.

Zero no Tsukaima - I can already see the titles “The anime Harry Potter” and then they leave lots of other details out, like…oh…everything I guess?

Then that is kinda all I can think of really.  I know there is a lot more, but nothing oh that bad or oh that good.  These are just what I saw that jumped out more at me.  Now lets just see how these are marketed and things like that.  I mean some things come over here strangely, I mean whats the title of Higuraahi over here.  Then just leave it to ADV for anything wired to be brought over, quality need not apply for some.  Then, I leave with saying that all of this that I though out…could be taken to a further level by the companies.