Here it is another episode of the crazy Luck Star, this week or time. Mostly about cell phones, texting and all of that stuff. Then of course references all around. (and now I’m writing it again after loosing it because of a crash)

I think there is a reference here…I don’t see it though
I want to say there is a referance here...I don't see it though

So this episode is about Tsukasa’s new phone and how she texts a lot, though she had to have that be taught from her sister. Then she gets a text every 5 seconds it seems like because of it. Though with the way Tsukasa keeps stuff it will break by the next episode.

and thats the mom

and thats the mom

Also in this episode it shows what the workers of a store are like when Konata comes in…very 80s style I suppose is how it should be described.  Then this marks the first time Konata has people and so her room is showed more.  Lots of references and product placement.  So go support go buy the stuff shown, lets have them think it works.

Then there is a nice conversation about nicknames for everybody, which leads into some awkward stuff.  Also in awkward, is what Konata’s mom looks like.  So overall another normal episode of Lucky Star, though had a bit more in house references.  This says buy more Haruhi stuff, which I will be doing because the 3rd the second box is out.

Burring 80s passion FOR SELLING STUFF

Burning 80s passion FOR SELLING STUFF