Another two episodes and there is yet another form of Dancouga, it may be less shinny; none-the-less it pwns the evil of, not Earth, but of SPACE!…or the moon really. Then these being some of the last episodes that means stuff goes down a lot, and fast.

The slash through, truly a classic

The slash though, truly a standered

So the big thing with these episodes is all important evil finally appearing at earth. So then the true mission of the Dancougas are shown. Fighting each other was only a way for them to get strong, to prepare for this new task at hand. They has fought off the first force and now it is decided that they must go to the moon for the final battle.

He was slapped before this

He did get slaped before this

So really, at this point the story is flushed out and all of that. No one is really happy with these things to, finding out that they were just subjects, only there to see if they could bring Dancouga to the next level. Or just become part of it. This starts to raise questions to even continue piloting, but that ends quickly and they are off to save Johnny’s girlfriend. That was only the beginning though. After learning where the computer Will came from more robots came.

This led to the teamwork of the two Dancougas and in the end combining to form Dancouga Max God! Then thats about the just of the two episodes, all leading up to the final battle in the final episode.

ph34r the god

ph34r the god