Its not often I go and have a post about manga, but this has zombies so things change.  High School of the Dead (HSOTD) is basically one of the classic Night of the Living Dead movies turned manga.  So with just that, I give this a thumbs up.

So, the story is zombie 101 really.  All seems like a normal day until 1 zombie bites someone and all of a sudden there are about a million more ready for action.  This time it just happens to start at a school.  During this time we get to meet all the characters who are really just the normal group of people who get stuck to together.  Featuring: the cool guy, the girlfriend, the nerd, the girl with attitude, the sword girl, and the big boobed teacher.  Very standard, but don’t take that more meaning flat or boring.

Mostly the 1st vol is everybody meeting up and getting out of the school, with not having much of anything.  Though leave it to the nerd to get a makeshift gun, being a nail gun.  Also note this is no normal nerd, he is a gun nerd.  He shows his worth early, along with the sword girl.  Most of the others can take down a zombie or two, but nothing as impressive as those too.

Vol 2 is more on the streets trying to keep alive.  Early on the group gets separated and has to meet up again.  With being outside causes more problems, one being other people who are not friendly, which does happen and the girlfriend is put into danger.  Thanks to a gun the guy and her found earlier they make it out alive and meet up with the rest of the group.  Then they find shelter at a house, with a tank like car; lucky them.  However even more lucky is finding rifles, and shotguns inside the house.  This vol ends with the main guy going out to save a little girl after her father is killed just trying to find somewhere to go.

I don’t want to go much further into characters and story because it is a good series and people should go read it.  Though it is not out yet in US or I don’t believe announced.  But I would get the scans or anything because with all the violence and some nudity, censoring is bound to come.  With this cool story, good character development, and zombies there is nothign to loose checking this one out.