So, I finally beat you guys to the punchline and bought out alot of the Dragon Hunter series… Anyways, I am happy as the series stays true to awesomeness. Now on to other things.


A new book of Archlord came out, woot. It was pretty funny, and one of the villains is kawaii. The villains share a camp with our protagonists, and they don’t know it, which is very humorous. All in all, it was an acceptable second book.

In Dragon Hunter, Seur is just as stingy/money greedy as ever. Though we learn he has over 5 billion monies, which was crazy. Another thing happens where he meets somebody almost exactly like himself. The bad part of this is that they meet over a gambling table…

There is another web comic I have been reading lately, but it is slightly more… adult. I am not saying nude, but there are sexual themes, and it isn’t meant for people under the age of 15. is about an advice columnist(sp?) and a lady who ends up rooming there. It is really funny, based around many things. It can pretty much amuse nearly all different kinds of senses of humor, so it gets a 4.5/5

Things are goin slow over here. I have to pay for college, so I can’t be spending too much monies on graphic novels, and therefore can’t send you all the reviews that you come here to see. I must apologize, as I am a lazy bum and have yet to get a decent job >.