I really deserve something for making the title that cool and for it to make sense too. For the real highlight of these two episodes is the evolution of Dancouga to its new shinny golden form (called beastgod or something or another, not that important, except for the god part…maybe).

You know this is serious

you know this is serious

Now, there is all that stuff that happens before the evolution, and it was all right; I do think an improvement was made over the last episode. Now there is the active goal of trying to solve this mystery that is around Dancouga, the cooperation, what side is really what side, and more. With these episodes it is so far done nicely, bit by bit stuff is getting cleared up. Though in true anime form there is the standard strange cooperation. For a 12 episode series, and acting like an old mecha anime I’ll forgive it, because I don’t find it annoying or anything.

So then through all this questioning, either through getting out of the cave where they meet the tribe. This actually brings up, are they on the right side, and is there a master hand at play. This just gets the ball rolling, and in the end this leads to the change to Golden Dancouga, though the advice given being opening their hearts.

And they think they’re winning

and they think they are wining

Finally armed with the power to defeat the other Dancouga, but then the pilot is shown after a brutal set of attacks. The person is no other than the girl Johnny has a crush on, Eida. Thus the episode ends with her getting away.
Overall, I was pleased with these episodes, they had more substance I think. Things are moving along and all of that. There’s 3 episodes left, so this can go either way. It could end with a bang, or kinda just die out. With the new Dancouga I think the chances for a bang have gone up. As for overall right now, if you have nothing else to watch and can stand mecha, check it out. Its not the biggest, best, or anything like that; it is still enjoyable though.

Look a hole! (and maybe one of the plot too)

Look a hole (and maybe of the plot too)