This was back to the normal way these episodes flow, so it was mostly crazy with a fight thrown in.

That looks just like the GaiGaoGar move

It looks just like a GaiGaoGar move

There really isn’t much to say about this episode. There was a new attack that seemed like it was taken from GaiGaoGar. There was a fight between Danconugas and there is this strange stuff powering the mech or something. That is about the episode right there. The rest of the plot is still crazy and I can’t figure much of it out, though nothing is ever really given as well. The only thing given away is that it has something to do with aliens or something along those lines.

That does look like a cool game

That does look like a cool game

So overall it was just another episode. I don’t really have to much to say about it, its all about average. That isn’t bad or anything, but its something that will be forgotten easily. It wasn’t what I thought it could turn into, the beginning I enjoyed a lot and was hoeing it would go further, but enh something just changed. The characters are still fresh and interesting, but other than that. The battles seem to get old fast, even with the new weapon that was just added this episode. They aren’t really over the top, their more just weird.

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