Well, well, well.  Here I am once again.  Even though our last poll went over so well, I decided to not do another one.  Instead, I’ll just take one of the options from the poll.

Obviously the music option is out of the question.  As sad as it is, I haven’t read enough comments to make a thorough post about them (and we all know how thorough my posts are ;) ).  And if you don’t know the about the importance of patience, feel free to yell at me and I’ll do that next time :).

If you haven’t guessed already, this particular post is about the topic of “other”.  You might be wondering “how can he possibly come up with a post on ‘other’?”  And you know what?  That’s a damn good question!

First of all, I could talk about the word.  How it’s five letters long and looks like the word “the” shoved itself in the middle of “or”.  It’s also one letter away from “bother” or “otter”, but really, you don’t need to know nor do you want to.  It’s pointless information and I’m not going to make you sit through it.

Another thing I could mention is that it’s quite often used as categories.  Be it the type of group you fall in at school or work, the type of rant, etc, etc.  But really, you don’t need to know that either.  Hell, you already know it!  But you knew that ;).

You know, I could even get into the history of the word.  Oh yes, I could.  From it’s Latin roots (or at least, I’m assuming it came from Latin) to its current usage today.  “Other”, like every other word, has a history, has a time period, and even has a climax.

All of this you don’t need to know so I’m not telling you.  Now, since I haven’t told you any of this, and this post is just about over, we should go over what you didn’t learn: …

Oh!  Time’s up.  Oh well.  I hope you had a nice day of not reading anything on a word that doesn’t really exist.

Enjoy your day :).